Yes Sir Noceur salute those who stay up late

They just won their Hard Rock Rising heat and are in the global pool with a shot at a $50k prize and a trip to Ibiza. Cam Alexander catches up with Yes Sir Noceur guitarist Elliot Toll about where the name came from, playing live and their new singles.

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How did you guys meet? 

I first met Marc when he was playing a gig, afterwards I invited him back to my place to jam and we pretty much decided that night to start a band. He lived with Rory, who played drums and my brother (Harry) played bass, so it worked out pretty easy.

At our first gig they were like ‘so we need a name’, we had about 24 hours to come up with one. Marc’s French Canadian, so we came across this french word, Noceur, which means ‘a reveller, one who stays up late’. We played around with it for a bit and decided on Yes Sir Noceur, its just sort of a play on words and just a salute to those who stay up late.

You recently released singles Luna and Dreamin. What was the recording process like? 

We recorded it at Airlock Studios, which is run by Ian Haug (Powderfinger) and we had Konstantin from The Belligerents as our recorder/producer, he really helped guide us through the recording and gave us input throughout the process. It’s such a good studio, you can sleep there and everything. There’s so much equipment you can use, we were definitely batting above our average. It was a learning curve for us all.

Its been harder for us to get the exact sound we are looking for because everything we use is analog, using pedals and stuff, whereas now people can run instruments through a laptop, driving their effects from there and making it sound so perfect, it takes away the human aspect, the little errors. Understanding those differences has definitely been one of the bigger challenges during recording.

 You played at elsewhere last week and the show had a really cool vibe to it. 

We had a great time, that smoke machine was shooting smoke straight in our faces, there was so much smoke it felt like Snoop Dogg was just chilling blowing all his smoke at us. But yeah, elsewhere is always a good time, it’s our favourite place to play, definitely the best place on the Coast. 

What’s your favourite part about playing to live audiences?

Definitely the energy, we rehearse three nights a week in our apartment with our instruments turned down and an electronic drum kit so we don’t disturb the neighbours. So when we get to play live at places like elsewhere and the Shark Bar it really hypes us up, makes us play louder and have heaps of fun. 

Have there been any bands that have influenced your sound over the years? 

It’s a mixed bag, when we first started jamming we were making really blues-rock sorta stuff. But then there’s jazz or psychedelic stuff, but not a lot of people listen to that sorta music at the moment, so it’s trying to find how to combine things in a way that nobody has done before to offer something different.

We’ve definitely started to get into stuff from bands like; King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Tame Impala. That kind of vibe is starting to take our traditional bluesy, surf-rock stuff and moulding it into what we’re getting into now, But yeah it’s been a journey. 

Where to next for you guys? Will we be hearing some new music soon? More shows? 

We’re in the recording/mixing phase at the moment, then we’ve got an EP coming out later in the year. We’ve got four bangers sitting in the oven that are our best by far. We’re just having a bit of trouble trying to emulate that analog sound we want in the studio, but we’re not going to rush something until we are super happy with it. The new stuff is definitely more mature as a sound.

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Yes Sir Noceur play the final of Hard Rock Rising at Hard Rock Café on Thursday 2 June. At the time of writing, Chelsea Rockwells and Tesla Coils will also be competing with one more band to be decided at the final heat – Wednesday 25 May.

They’re also on the bill for Off the Tracks at Miami Shark Bar, Saturday 18 June.


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