When The Walls Talk: Artist Loretta Lizzio

Loretta Lizzio’s art stops you in your tracks.

Her enchanting murals grace the inside and outside of buildings around the globe, from London to Vancouver, Darwin, Melbourne and, thankfully, the Gold Coast.

An incredibly talented painter, illustrator, photographer and all around creative powerhouse, Lizzio’s public works and studio practice are equally mesmerising.

You can’t help but blissfully loose yourself soaking up the beauty, intimacy and passion of her detailed and ethereal creations.

Loretta has shown in solo and group exhibitions across Australia and internationally in locations such as New York, Scotland, Los Angeles and Auckland and is regularly featured in leading mural festivals such as Wall to Wall Festival in Benalla (Victoria), Brisbane Street Art Festival, Darwin Street Festival (Northern Territory) and Vancouver Mural Festival (Canada).

She has also collaborated with brands such as Element, New Balance, watchmakers The 5TH, Toyota, the Virgin Australia magazine, Voyeur, and Wacom.

The Gold Coast is now blessed with several of Lizzio’s masterpieces, including a show-stopping mural for the recent Miami Surface Street Art Festival (July, 2021) that wraps around the exterior of the Fenech Guitars Avalon Street building in Miami… This one’s so fresh you can still smell the paint.

We caught up with Loretta to chat about her mural practice and her oh-so-fresh work on Avalon Street.

Can you share a bit about your journey to becoming an artist? 

I have always been consumed with creating things. Art has been the most major aspect in my life for as long as I can remember.

What first stimulated you to start painting in public space? 

I worked in a small café and the owner, Julie, suggested I paint a wall in the café. She let me paint the wall beside the coffee machine between making coffees. It wasn’t until I moved to Melbourne years later that it became a major part of my art practice.

What do you enjoy most about creating art in public space? 

I love that at the end of the day you are completely wrecked. You use your whole body to create a large scale artwork. I enjoy the challenge of working with the elements, the building owner, the building features and its surroundings.

How has your style evolved over time? 

I feel that I have evolved A LOT over the past 10 years. I have gone from pencil work to inks and working solely in black and white to working with acrylics and oils in full blown colour. As long as I am constantly evolving and growing I am happy.

What is your dream public space to create in? 

I would love to paint a nice flat surface of a high rise building with a fairly open time frame so its not rushed. I think I could come up with a pretty special design.

Can you tell us about some of the things that inspire your murals? 

Music is a pretty important part of every artwork I create. One great song can inspire many many designs. I am also drawn to imagery of strong female figures in a vulnerable moment. I personally find there is something really disarming and beautiful about this.

What a talent. Here’s to more Lizzio magic on the Gold Coast!

To find out more, visit Loretta’s webpage or @loretta_lizzio.



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