What makes a great music video?

It’s the third year in a row that Surfers Paradise hotel QT Gold Coast has supported emerging Gold Coast talent by sponsoring the Gold Coast Music Awards.

Turns out, QT has a thing for visuals. That’s obvious when you step into their properties, where the look and feel of the place means just as much as the service. And if you’ve been a guest at QT Gold Coast, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about – from the lemonade stand and retro uniforms of the staff, through to the video installation in the foyer and Kombi parked out the front.

So, given this penchant for style, we asked the staff of QT Gold Coast what they thought makes a great music video. Here’s what they told us.

What makes a great music video?

Ian Charlton – Executive Assistant Manager QT Gold Coast

A great music video inspires an emotion that leaves you with a feeling long after the music video is over. Music videos are about creating memories that leave lasting impressions and drive an emotional response.

Shelly – FIXX

A great music video is one that is full of art and creativity that is so odd that it doesn’t even refer to the context of the song. But the uniqueness of it draws you in and you can’t stop watching!

Dani – F&B Reservations

A great music video is all about LOCATION. A location can make the biggest difference in the vibe of the music video but also the location represents the song, especially with different genres.

Melissa Hammond – Assistant Housekeeping Manager

A great music video starts with the song. It needs to be fun and enticing to the viewer – not drab and boring. A video that has a semi story line to it – a beginning, middle and end makes you want to watch the whole video as it has a purpose.

Romeo – Guest Service Agent

A great music video is all about the landscapes. The landscape and the visual effects combined create an awesome piece.

Letitia – FIXX

A great music video has to have a good opening that is engaging and automatically your amazed by the video.

Jacob – Concierge

A great music video is full of visual effects, landscapes, animals and some fantastic cinematic displays. I love a creative/over-the-top one!

The staff of QT Gold Coast didn’t get a vote when it came to judging the Video of the Year category, but given their responses above, I reckon they’ll be happy with this batch of finalists.

Hearty congratulations to Burger Joint, Calan Mai, Kobrakai, Romii, Tesla Coils and YT Dingo for your exceptional videos and for being named finalists at the 2019 Gold Coast Music Awards. Winners announced Thursday 2 May. 

Video of the Year finalists – Gold Coast Music Awards

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