We review Magic by Coldplay

Coldplay’s return has been heavily anticipated; the fans are thirsty for more music, more tours, more melancholic beauty, and Coldplay has delivered, albeit without real drums.

Magic is the first single from Coldplay’s new album Ghost Stories, to be released 19 May. The track begins much as it ends, with synthetic drums and a guitar riff reminiscent of Coldplay’s earlier album, Viva La Vida. It captures the theme Coldplay has held with every album apart from Mylo Xyloto – that of melancholic love. The vocal melody swims along the heavily reverbed guitar perfectly, and the listener easily forgets that Will Champion, the drummer, is largely left out of this composition.

The twinkles of synth notes and guitar harmonics shimmer throughout the song, and the all too familiar sound of Chris Martin’s acoustic guitar shines through the song after the three minute mark. The song isn’t perfect, but that’s not to say that it isn’t good. Coldplay are experts at progressing from each album to the next, and they have adapted to the electronic market that is selling in this day and age extraordinarily well. The song washes over you and envelops you in a rush of neither uplifting nor depressing love, and you just float along, wondering how it is that Coldplay can so subtly insert their musical emotion into you.

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