We review Love Letters by Metronomy

Love Letters is Metronomy’s new piece after a three year departure from their acclaimed English Rivera, an album which sported enigmatic bass lines and catchy guitar riffs. The three year gap has given us a rather under produced and yet profound album. One which will have you in love or going solo to the formal.

Metronomy explores love through a somewhat odd combination of early pop with a hint of glam rock. Love Letters begins with two of the strongest tracks on the record; The Upsetter and I’m aquarius which both hold some of the catchiest backing vocals and instrumentals on the album. The Upsetter however holds arguably the warmest guitar instrumentals in the entire album. Love Letters takes listeners to the past with vocals similar to Bowie with backing vocals hinting the B-52s.

The album is at times rough around the edges Boy Racers is rather confusing as it detracts from the underlying theme of the album entirely with a somewhat simplistic instrumental reminiscent of early 80s scores. One might argue it is a sort of intermission as the album heads toward a different emotion, however it is a rather bleak and underwhelming one at that. Even with such an odd addition the album is still able to finish off on a high with the tracks The most immaculate hair cut and Reservoir which could be mistaken for a Gorillaz track. As a whole, the album is a beautiful endeavor into the deconstruction of love through Mount’s odd lyrics and curious compositions, leaving the heart yearning for more.

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