We laughed our pants off: Jupiters’ hosts LYPO 18 September

Why is poo brown? This is not a rhetorical question. It is a lead-in question to a great punchline which you’ll have to read all the way through to enjoy. And unfortunately, I cannot claim the hilarity as my own. This is a stolen gag from a great night at Jupiters on Friday 18 September for Laugh Your Pants Off.

I am still a bit clueless as to how best review a night of comedy. I am a massive fan of stand up as an expressive art and greatly intrigued by the characters who perform it. I am fascinated by the lifestyle which is associated with pursuing the professional circuit, namely hanging out in dingy nightclubs for years on end trying to make pissheads laugh. Deflecting their explosive irrational hate-speak delivered in heckles. Then once you crack the next level… into an arena with an even larger group of drunkards who are equally ready to spit out foul insults in your direction. Only this time they’re dressed a bit more nicely which I imagine must be confusing. What a life!

The top comic, from a Blankman perspective, was a beautiful wide-hipped, foul-mouthed lesbian named Hannah Gadsby. Though I detest music and humour being mixed, the night starred the duo known as ElbowSkin who sang about mums that fuck our dads and love it. Then there was the poo-joke by the token Englishman Jeff Green. The answer… So that hotels know when to replace their towels (are you clever enough to remember how the article started?)

Thank you to Jupiters for being committed to keeping comedy alive on the Gold Coast. Well done to the huge crowd who supported the event by showing up and drinking. And thank you Blank for sending this man along to get his giggle on. Peace.


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