Introducing Walrus and the Carpenter | bound for Summertime Sessions

Folk duo Walrus and the Carpenter are on their way to Mudgeeraba’s Summertime Sessions in the Village and taking their refreshing soulful tunes with them. Releasing their debut album Old Soul’s Eyes earlier this year, the songwriting and vocals of Matthew Engerer are paired alongside percussionist Mat Akehurst, together creating an intriguingly smooth sound for the listener to experience. Bond University student Doris Prodanovic is interning with Blank GC and she spoke to the band.

What or who were the key influences behind writing your album Old Soul’s Eyes?

Each song on the album is representative of its own place and time. Lost ones, found ones, stories of murder, love and life. Old Soul’s Eyes is a collection of songs inspired by travelling, poems by loved ones, past and present relationships. It’s the craftsmanship of the musicians that really gives the album its overall feel or mood, almost making it feel like each song was written in the same place, at the same time.
Since its release earlier this year, how has the response been to the album?

The response has been really good. We’ve had positive reviews in local and national papers and magazines, nationwide airplay and nobody has asked for a refund on the album so far, which is good. The album has been picked up by Vitamin Records distribution label, which is a really massive boost for the band.

After years of busking, how does it feel when you perform on stages such as at Falls Festival and Mullum Music Festival?

Busking is a great way to build confidence and perform in front of people but it still doesn’t quite prepare you for the bigger stage. Performers talk about butterflies in their stomach, well, mine are more like bats. I just close my eyes and look down for the first couple of tunes and gradually get more comfortable through the performance. It seems to be working so far. It’s a very satisfying feeling to leave the stage knowing you’ve performed at your best. It can take some time to come back down to earth.

What can we expect to see from your show at Summertime Sessions?

We always try to perform at our best and Summertime Sessions will be no different. We have been working hard on harmonies, feel and dynamics, and it’s really showing in our live performance. There is also a lot of new material coming out of the woodwork, which keeps it interesting for us and the viewer.

What’s next for Walrus and the Carpenter?

We have a fair bit of new material that is begging to be recorded and released into the musical matrix. But beforehand we are thinking a few road trips up and down the coast and maybe just a little bit further to try and promote our debut album.

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See Walrus and the Carpenter at Summertime Sessions in the Village, Friday 6 November at Cuddihy Park, Mudgeeraba.

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