Video premiere: Atticus Chimps | Liquid Percussion

Gold Coast duo Atticus Chimps have done it again, delivering another banger in the form of ‘Liquid Percussion’, with a killer vid to match. And we’ve got your first look below.

‘Liquid Percussion’ is the third single from the hinterland heavy rockers Sam and Dan this year, with all releases gearing up for what promises to be an electrifying EP in early 2022. Watch this space.

In a departure from the norm for the Chimps, they teamed up with a professional film crew for the very first time to deliver a sharp, hectic, extremely filmic video for ‘Liquid Percussion’, replete with a vintage Pontiac, gnarly facial injuries and a surprise twist ending. We couldn’t think of a more fitting visual accompaniment to the latest in a series of aural desert space vibes from Gold Coast’s loudest duo.

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Sam Chimp gave us the lowdown on filming:

“Initially we wanted to go out into the desert for that real Mad Max kind of vibe, but we canned the idea once we realised that we’d have to drive at least five hours to get to any kind of scenery that resembled that. Luckily our director Damian (from Refelctance Pictures) had filmed at Hillview before so he was able to send us some pictures of the beautiful scenery there and we were sold.

“The Pontiac is my aunt’s car, she usually just lends it for year 12 formals so this was a new experience for her. Before this was shot she was the only one that had driven the car before, and it has all sorts of weird quirks to control it so learning how to drive it was a daunting task. As far as funny moments go, if nearly crashing into a farmers fence because I forgot to pump the brakes while performing a U-turn, or nearly crashing into a single lane bridge barrier because I forgot the camera mount on the door panel is funny, then yes it was hilarious.

“I haven’t worked with any professional film crew before, everything we’d done film-wise up until this point was independent, so to be able to experience that for the first time with a production team like that was an incredible journey. A friend of mine did a film clip with them earlier in the year and I was really impressed with it, so I got connected through the two of them. I’ve got a ton more ideas for film clips so it’d be great to be able to do some more videos with this kind of quality.

As for the suprise twist (wait for it):

“I thought to myself what would be a completely unexpected ending to this video? And when I thought of that I laughed because it’s corny and kind of lame, but if that was my initial reaction then I could safely assume that it will be a lot of other peoples reaction as well.

“It is a serious song but to end on a light note like that is kind of cool and I think it ties in with the meaning of the song really well. It is about losing someone you love but sometimes that loss can be a catalyst for personal growth. We wanted there to be a lot of ambiguity tied into the facial wounds, did we escape from somewhere? Get into a physical altercation? I don’t think I even know.”

Keep your eyes peeled on the Chimps’ socials for an upcoming South East Queensland tour announcement, and a cheeky stop at Miami Marketta in November. Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Video premiere below:

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