Getting unpacked with Zac Fahey

Born in the wake of COVID-19 ‘Unpacked’ is video interview series focusing on Gold Coast musicians who have released an exceptional single over the past 12 months. The interviews dive deep into the inner workings of the song, deconstructing musical parts, discussing inspiration, lyrical content, recording, writing techniques and whatever else interesting went into the creation. Hosted and curated by Blank’s new music columnist Zac Fahey, the series has shone a light on some of Gold Coast’s finest songwriters, and will continue to do so. We shot Zac a few questions about his thoughts on the project.

How do you choose which artists to talk to, and which of their songs to talk about?

As a writer for Blank I’m lucky enough hear a lot of new Gold Coast music and every month I come across a handful of songs that stand apart from the rest. I usually look at a shortlist of five or so tracks then choose one based on extra factors that will inspire deeper discussion. For example, when I interviewed to Eliza and The Delusionals about ‘Just Exist’ I also asked about their US tour that was cut short due to COVID. As for which song I choose, I tend to focus on new music, particularly because most artists are much more excited to chat about their latest single.

Do you ever struggle to think of so many questions to ask about just one song?

I don’t actually, there are so many elements that go into creating a song that the list of potential questions seems endless to me. I also find that musicians have put so much time and energy into these tracks that they could sometimes talk for hours just about a particular guitar part. I know it’s a good problem but the main struggle with Unpacked so far has been trying to limit the questions to keep the episodes under 30mins.

What is your favourite part about doing Unpacked?

My favourite part is being able fuel my own curiosity about a song I love. If I want to know about the lyrical content, I can ask the artist directly about what inspired them or if there’s an interesting sound buried deep in the mix, I can bring it up in the interview to find out exactly what it is. Unpacked is the ultimate opportunity for me as a fan to find more about songs I love and get to meet my favourite local artists.

You can check out episodes of Unpacked on the @blankstreetpress Facebook page and also over at @goldcoastmusicawards Facebook page.

IMAGE (C) Simone Gorman-Clark

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