Under the stars with Go Suga

Go Suga is Gold Coast-based artist whose work has become more and more visible in our city. Whether it has been printed on a City of Gold Coast promotional screen, painted on a services building on the side of the road or in a gallery space in trendy Mermaid, Go Suga’s art has gained ground on the Gold Coast.

Go started to conquer the world with his art from 19 Karen, a contemporary art space on the Gold Coast. He has had a long-standing relationship with the gallery, a connection he treasures.

“I am grateful to be one of the represented artists at 19 Karen. It is where my art career started. They picked me up around five years ago when I was just starting to seriously think about becoming an artist, [when I was] basically a nobody. Since then they have given me so many opportunities such as international exhibitions, solo shows and other projects,” Go said.

19 Karen is about to open Go Suga’s solo exhibition ‘Under the Stars’ this August – not the first solo exhibition he has had in the gallery. In his last solo exhibition in 19 Karen in 2017, the paintings worked as a kind of a comic strip walking the viewer through the details of a story.

“This time around there is no storyline,” Go explained.

“Since then I’ve been breaking down my style even more to see how simple I can paint with it still being interesting to me. I took out all of the gradients, shadows, small details, etc and focused on how to create interesting paintings just by using composition, bold shapes and colours. For this show I painted subject matters that I like which mainly comes from Gold Coast, surf, sun, water, joy all that good stuff. Then I realised I have put lot of stars in the design so I thought about titling the show ‘Under the Stars’.”

Go’s artistic style is distinctive and easily recognised.

“I think most artists look to their inner self to find their own style and [it] basically comes down to what interests them to paint at that time,” he said.

“There are times when I feel like I’m a device that let’s these creative energies through from universe to my brain, to my muscles, to my brush and on to the canvas. My work is always developing cause the more I paint and the more time I spend on this earth, my values and taste gradually changes.

“If I was to explain where my art style is at now, it would be at ‘bones’ stage. I’ve made it to the simplest form and now I am looking to gradually start putting more meat, hair and texture to it. But then again, I might be feeling something totally different once I get to that point.”

Go Suga’s artistic career has really taken off in the past several years.

“I’ve been really lucky to be able to work with some awesome people on some awesome projects! Each time I finish a project I always have this thought where I think that is the end of my run and no projects will come to me, but then something seems to always pop up. There have been multiple times when I told my wife I want to do a particular project, like the kids’ book, and it actually came true! I have started getting some projects and offers from other states in the last year as well so I hope I get to share my work in other states and countries more often,” Go enthused.

‘Under the Stars’ opens on 24 August and runs until 5 October at 19 Karen contemporary artspace, 19 Karen Ave, Mermaid Beach.

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