Tumbleweed + The Meanies + Budd: Live review | The Coolangatta Hotel | Friday 29 November 2019


These guys have been around over two decades and still stay loyal to their sound.

It is crazy loud, noise overload – so dirty so loud – wow man- but this Budd and what they do, like a large heavy diesel truck on acid. Rhythm drone pump…  The crowd were into the Brissy lads, but earplugs are a must, and not something everyone is into. They are not your average rock n roll bear.

The Meanies 

Let’s go! The Meanies hit the ground running, pumped and pumping out that fast catchy bounce punk fun. Bit of power crunch, they even threw in their cover stable ‘Feed the Dog’ by Bored…. Tight playing on the game and the crowd loved it.

Link Meanies was on fire, loving his work, having a great time, so much so he was even in the front row for Tumbleweed as well. These guys are a quality act, and I’ve been told they haven’t been jamming much. No way you could tell that.

You can dance to this and there was much movement in the crowd- the crowd was like a superball- just keeps bouncing… Finished up with ‘10% Weird’ and then my favourite ‘Ton of Bricks’ – sweet and tight set.


From the first note the drone power-roar was there with the groove to make you move. These stoner rockers know how to produce the sound. Big, dirty, loud,  and round, plus it jingle jangles as well. With Richie’s thoughtful soul vocals being the perfect juxtaposition to the sound the band provides.

‘Sundial’, ‘Silver Lizard’, ‘Hang Around’, ‘Gyroscope’ and one of my favourites ‘God’ were some of the highlights, and of course, the whole place was rocking. One of my mates had not seen them for well over a decade, and said to me, “They have lost nothing”, and he was right, except for their awesome bass player Jay Curley who has passed from this mortal coil.

The Cooly was pumping, fun night with no shortage of crew getting into it. You have to move when you listen to Tumbleweed, it seems to be instinctive, the beat just makes you do it.

This was a great gig with three great bands, with the Meanies and Tumbleweed giving their audiences a reason to come and see them next time they are in town.


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