Tumbleweed + Screamfeeder + Budd: Live review and gallery | Miami Shark Bar | Friday 13 July

I walked into the Shark Bar, and you could smell it – what was it? Rock n roll baby, and it was at home in the Shark Bar. Refugees from the 1980s and 1990s littered the room; and man it was packed right from the start. No wonder, it was a great line up: Budd, Screamfeeder, and Tumbleweed. I thought I was having flashbacks. Even the door girl from the Playroom was there, and she could recognise many of the patrons of the Tallebudgera venue of legend.

First up was Brisvagas stoner rockers from hell, Budd. I last saw Budd when I ran the the venue at the Kirra Beach Hotel, and Budd were an up and coming band, who aways had that WTF factor. The are loud, dirty, heavy, and turn heads just with their sound. My old mate Stickman had not seen nor heard of them before, and was well impressed, and he knows his rock n roll. Budd were playing as most were settling into their second beer. It was like Mudhoney with an extra distortion pedal or two. Great start to the night.

Next up was another Brissy outfit Screamfeeder. Once again it was back in the 1990s the last time I saw Screamfeeder, and like a fine wine – they have matured brilliantly with age. To tell you the truth, I think Screamfeeder sounded as good I had ever heard them. Tim and Kellie have such a great presence on stage, are great players, and the songs still as always have that that catchy, bouncy, fun, screaming sound, still with that bit of dirtiness and grind that give them that different edge. They were tight, bright, made you want to move, and the crowd really got into them.

The there was the main act, Tumbleweed. These lads from Wollongong really, really rock. If you compared them to a car, Tumbleweed are a big twin-carb V8 with dual extractors. They turn it on and rev it up to eleven.  Stoner rock central, driving, roaring, and pumping out the synched sublime riffs that roll off their fingers into your ears. They opened with ‘Sundial’, a favourite of mine and it seemed like everyone else’s as well. The sound pumped, it swelled, it moved, and had your head banging, staring at your shoes. I was stoked to hear ‘Hang Around’, ‘Silver Lizard’, and the double overdrive of ‘Daddy Longlegs’. Like many others I had a bit of a froth on. The Weed from the Gong went off as did the crowd. Good music, good crew, an awesome night.

IMAGES (c) Peter Wheeler Photography

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