Tourist In My Town | Tweed River Cruise

Find time to make the most of this amazing place we call home this summer, starting with a boat trip up the Tweed River…

I have come to the conclusion that dolphins like to show off. As I sit on the sun deck of the Golden Swan sipping my morning tea, a pod of them appear and swim alongside us. Ducking, diving and playing in the water.

Making our way up-river, away from the coast, the scenery changes from sand dunes and high-rises to cane fields and forests. The Tweed River is bordered by subtropical rainforest, which is home to over 200 species of plant alone. Mount Warning – the impressive center of the ancient Tweed Volcano – comes into view as we head towards our first stop, The Tumblegum Tavern. It was established in 1887, the Captain tells us, and full of fascinating local history.

The boat crew begins the morning bird feed, which on paper sounds as if small creatures will land gracefully on the boat and enjoy some seeds. Not on the Tweed. This bird feeding involved a large number of pelicans the size of small children flying overhead. Various birds of prey join them and circle above us while the crew throw them scraps of meat. They will even let you give it a whirl if throwing meat to sea eagles takes your fancy! Despite the danger of adding bird-poo to my nautical themed ensemble, I love seeing them up close. It is extraordinary the way those native birds hover in the air eyeing up their prey.

We stop off at the Tavern just long enough for a cheeky G’n’T on the terrace and to check out some of the local memorabilia on show before heading back to the boat for lunch. Our 4.5-hour tour of the river comes to an end as we tuck into our seafood lunch of local prawns, crab and oysters and enjoy the ride back down the river. Visit for more information.

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