Tourist in my Town: Thunder Lake Stunt Spectacular

Water sports are a huge part of a lot of people’s lives on the Gold Coast. Time on the water is a great way to socialise and spend time as a family, as well as keeping fit and getting some fresh air. The new stunt show on Sea World’s Thunder Lake is the perfect excuse to take your wakeboard-obsessed teen out for the day and catch some live inspiration from the stunt waterski and wakeboard team. The new show, which started in April, features young stunt skiers from all over Australia, America and the UK, including barefooters, ski jumpers, wakeboarders, show skiers and jet skiers (as well as some BMX stunt riders too!) The Sea World Thunder Lake show team includes 18 full-time staff ranging from 16 to 39 years of age.

Gary Reid, Director of ShowTimeFMX, is responsible for bringing the new show to Sea World.

“Our company runs the stunt show at Movie World and the same company owns Sea World so we have always wanted to get the waterski show going again. It was also a personal goal of mine as I performed there as a water skier in 1995 before starting my company, ShowTime FMX,” said Gary. “With this new show, we wanted to combine good old fashion fun, crowd involvement, and exciting acts in the one show”.

Although the format of the show might be refreshed and updated every few years, the show is scheduled indefinitely and Gary says waterskiing on Thunder Lake will be around for many years to come.

Even if you are not into watersports, the new action-packed comedy stunt show is definitely worth the watch. On every day at 1.30pm, the show fits nicely with the existing shows so you won’t have to choose between watching the seals or the stunts. As well as the shows at Seaworld there are an array of animal exhibits including jellyfish, polar bears, penguins and sharks on display. Plus a host of interactive activities you can get involved with such as snorkelling with the reef fish, swimming with dolphins and glass bottom boat tours.

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