Tourist in my Town: The Skypoint Climb

It’s a warm and sunny day on the Gold Coast and I’m literally standing at eye level with a helicopter doing its daily run along the coast. There are whales splashing offshore, I’ve got a birds-eye view of stand up paddleboarders beyond the break and the hinterland is gleaming. It didn’t even take much effort to get here. A quick elevator ride up 77 floors and then a short stroll up a couple hundred steps and I’m standing on top of the world.

Where am I? I’m on top of Q1. We’ve embarked on a small team building mission to conquer the city’s biggest tower. Although, trust me, it sounds much more strenuous than what it is.

The Skypoint Climb opened in 2012 and takes visitors to the top of the city’s most iconic residential tower in what is Australia’s highest external building climb. The whole experience lasts 90 minutes from beginning to end, including the safety briefing and being fitted for harnesses (and being breath-tested). After riding the lift to level 77 and getting a glimpse of the incredible views from the Skypoint Observation Deck you make your way outside the building where you’ll take 298 stairs to the summit.

There’s plenty of rest stops on the way and the very experienced guides (name of guide) interpet some of the local history and both man-made and natural landmarks as you climb higher. With 360 degree views you’ll want to hang around as long as you can, especially on a clear day during whale migration season. The guide takes photos of individuals as well as the whole group and you’ve got the opportunity to hang over the edge of the tower as well (safely connected at all times, of course).

We went in the middle of the day, but there are sunrise and sunset options available as well as climb and dine packages.

It’s not for the faint of heart. Several in our group had shaking legs and took a while to get over their nerves, but everyone got over their fear to the point of being able to pose for a photo over the edge of the building. Skypoint Climb is one of those bucket list items every Gold Coaster should do at least once and it’s even more perfect as an experience to share with visitors from out of town.

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