TOURIST IN MY TOWN | Tree-Top-Challenge-and-a-half!


There is nothing like spending time in the rainforest, with the lush green leaves as a backdrop, and the birds as your soundtrack for the day. Living on the Gold Coast it’s easy to take for granted that we not only have white sandy beaches and warm water year round, but we also have miles and miles of hinterland to explore. Right on our doorstep.

Today’s adventure at the Tree Top Challenge in Mount Tamborine is something a little different. As I take to the first set of obstacles suspended in the trees, I begin to think that perhaps it won’t be much of a challenge at all. The swaying bridges, wobbly tightropes and zip lines all seem to be quite tame. Settling in for a gentle afternoon exploring the forest I was not prepared for what was to come.

I would soon be leaping between swinging logs, pulling myself up through huge plastic tubes and grabbing onto slippy monkey bars. Although enjoying being in the forest and the physical challenge of the course I was beginning to wonder if my tiny arms could carry me any further! A kookaburra sat mocking me from a nearby tree as I got myself together for one of the final obstacles. Kicking off from the platform I began descending the hundreds of meters into the trees on the giant ‘flying fox’ zip line. Just as I started to relax and enjoy the ride, I got close to the platform at the other end and I started to slow down. Not only did I slow down, but then began going back the other way! Once I finally came to a stop in the middle of the wire, stranded between the two huge trees, I started the laborious task of pulling myself up towards the final platform. Much to the amusement of both the kookaburra and my tree climbing companions.

Once on the ground I was patting myself on the back for completing the whole course, deciding whether to have a celebratory ice cream or celebratory beer, when above me came a group of 7 year olds laughing and joking and completing the obstacles with ease. I decided to treat myself anyway and stopped in at the Terrace Kiosk next door for a well-deserved cronut!

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Disclaimer:  Sarah was a guest of the Tree Top Challenge.

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