Tourist in my Town: A Kayak to Remember

When you lose the map ten minutes into your three day self-guided tour, you know it is going to be a trip to remember. Normally, it’s the beach that calls my name but for this mini staycay, we decided to try something a little different.

We were on a kayak tour of the Noosa Everglades organised by Kanu Kapers, who pack up everything you need for your three-day camping trip into a double kayak and send you off (map in hand) for an epic three-day adventure. Without the map, it was still epic, the first day just had a slight delay as we paddled in the wrong direction for a little while (when they say keep the map under the elastic on the kayak they mean it!).

Just inland off Noosa itself, the Noosa Everglades are a winding string of natural canals and streams in the Upper Noosa River with amazing wildlife and untouched rainforest lining their banks.

The first stop of the trip is Fig Tree Point, an ideal lunch stop with a lovely shaded picnic area with tables and chairs carved from fallen trees. Back in the kayak, we paddled on through the mesmerising waters of ‘The Narrows’, with water so undisturbed you can see near-perfect reflections of the trees. Arriving at our final stop of the day, Harry’s Hut, we unloaded our gear and set up camp. Harry’s Hut is a secluded campsite only accessible by kayak, small boat or 4WD. Each individual site is surrounded by trees giving you lots of shade and privacy. If you are more into ‘glamping’ than camping, Harry’s Hut may not be for you as there are no showers, just a toilet block with composting toilets.

Once at Harry’s Hut you have the entire second day to kayak, hike or relax next to the water. We paddled to Campsite 3 and then walked the 12 kilometres to the Cooloola Sand Patch. The hike was steep in places, but overall not too challenging and took about three hours return. The views from the top are incredible and it was definitely worth the trip. If you don’t know anything about sand patches (which we didn’t) prepare to have your mind blown! After the hike there were still a few hours of daylight so we hopped back in the kayak and went to Campsite 5 for our afternoon tea, a peaceful spot with nobody else in sight.

Back at Harry’s Hut, we enjoyed one last night in the tent before packing up on the final day and heading home. Over three days we paddled 50 kilometres and it was definitely one of our best adventures yet!

Top tips for this trip:

– Take plastic wine glasses (their camp kit only includes mugs!)

– Tupperware is essential if you don’t want a turkey to eat your dinner.

– Take lots of bug spray.

– Pack a picnic blanket or tiny stools to sit on.

-Take a head torch and a spare head torch…there are no lights!

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