Tourist in my Town: KALM Clinic

It’s not very often we take a closer look a health-related experiences, but in the case of KALM Clinic, the business and brainchild of Southern Gold Coast therapist Chelsea Brazier, we were too curious about her approach not to check it out.

Originally from England, Chelsea began her journey into the world of wellness after spending over 10 years in the corporate world and experiencing a high level of stress and burnout. Shortly after this, she lost her Mum at a young age to cancer and experienced her whole world change in an instant. Study and a subsequent career change saw Chelsea heal herself while also learning to heal others.

Chelsea studied multiple neurological and health studies including but not limited to hypnotherapy, applied kinesiology, positive psychotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, yoga and breathwork, and has combined these practices into her own unique technique in order to help predominantly women with their mental health concerns, particularly those dealing with anxiety, stress and burnout.

I was invited to see Chelsea at one of her practice spaces in Kirra, and was immediately put at ease by her open and cheerful demeanour. We had instantly connected in our pre-treatment phone call, where Chelsea had asked me questions about what specifically I would like addressed in the session (my severe social anxiety), and by the time I got there she already felt like an old friend. This feeling of trust and rapport is critical when you are making yourself vulnerable for these kinds of treatment, so it was wonderful to feel so at ease.

We began with some fairly intense breathwork, which I had never done before, and I was surprised at how effective it was at moving energy around the body, with tingling sensations starting in my hands, which I was able to shift around at will. Once we’d “unlocked” those energy lines, I lay down for the hypnotherapy part, for which Chelsea had written a bespoke script based on my requirements. This is the part I was quite sceptical about, having tried hypnotherapy for smoking many years earlier to no avail, and had since developed the narrative that I “couldn’t be hypnotised”.

Well, I was forced to eat crow when I emerged from what felt like five minutes of blissful relaxation to find that the half an hour hypnosis session was over. I stretched and was overcome with a sense of extreme energy and wellbeing, as though after a wonderful night’s sleep. The sun shone brighter, the breeze blew cooler, and all seemed right with the world for several hours. I won’t say that in one session my social anxiety was cured, but I have noticed a slight improvement already, and I have our recorded session to listen to as many times as I like while relaxing, in order to reinforce the messages.

All in all, a highly recommended experience, especially after the disaster that has been 2020.

Visit to discover more about the experience, and to get in touch with Chelsea.

Disclaimer: Blank was a guest of KALM Clinic for this initial session.

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