Tourist in my Town: Learning to Fly

Isn’t technology great? Who would have thought that in 2018, not only can humans fly off a cliff and out of planes, but we can also fly indoors too!

Skydiving has been a popular pursuit of adrenaline junkies for a number of years, but with the modern technology available at iFly centres ( all over Australia and the world—even onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship—flying is no longer limited to the risk-takers among us.

On my visit to iFly in Surfers Paradise, I was lucky enough to fly with Joel, age 9, who was given the experience as a treat for his birthday. Alan, another member of the group, was a Surfers Paradise resident in his 80s who had recently taken up the hobby and goes flying every week. Last but not least, Lucy from WA, who had epilepsy and couldn’t actually jump out of a plane for medical reasons, came to iFly to experience flying safely.

If you haven’t tried skydiving—indoor or outdoor—before, there is nothing quite like the feeling. As you step into your flight suit and strap up your helmet you feel a little nervous, but the friendly crew soon put you at ease. As you take a seat on the bench inside the wind tunnel waiting area, nothing but excitement runs through you.

Being guided into the tunnel itself for the first time is amazing. As you lean into the wind it picks you up, limb by limb and levitates you off the ground. The smallest movement has you zooming around the tunnel like Superman. With the help of the iFly instructors, you can soon control your direction and learn to go up, down, side to side and round in a circle on command.

Still not sure if it’s for you? There is a free viewing area and small café selling ice creams, snacks and drinks at the iFly in Surfers Paradise, so pop in and check it out for yourself.

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