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I really like wine. But I usually choose my bottle the way I pick a horse at the races, based on the appearance and an interesting name. Like any sort of gambling this sometimes pays off, and sometimes results in a $20 bottle being relegated to cooking wine.

I enjoy wine tasting on a Sunday afternoon in Mount Tamborine as much as the next person, but after the third taster they all start to blend into one, I get confused with the wine jargon, and I can never recall which grapes I actually liked. That was until I met Malisa. Owner of Wine Group and Co. Malisa studied wine at UCLA. She calls herself a wine demystifier and her aim is to help people decode the jargon and take the gamble out of looking at a wine list.

Once I learned that Wine Group and Co. offer educational wine workshops for you and your friends at your house to make you more confident about choosing the wine you like I got the girls together for what was set to be an interesting and quirky girls night in! We gathered together with some wine (obvs), and nibbles, and listened attentively as Malisa began by explaining the wine making process. Moving on to the different types of grapes and the differences in how they are prepared to make the various tastes.

The environment was perfect for asking all those questions you had wondered about but never wanted to ask at a wine tasting, such as ‘What the blast does having legs have to do with my merlot!??’ and ‘Why does my Chardonnay taste like someone put a cigar out in it!??’.

At the end of a very entertaining girls’ night in we felt ready to head to the bottle shop or the bar with more confidence. No longer picking wine on the snazzy labels but knowing the difference between an SSB and an SBS and why we might like one more than the other. The only thing I took away from a fab night in with the girls that I didn’t enjoy was the hangover! …. When will I learn.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Wine Group & Co

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