Too drunk to f*ck: the buzz on Blanc de Blanc

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the buzz about Blanc de Blanc returning to the Gold Coast by popular demand. Speaking of buzz, we caught up with the champagne-drenched, bubble-popping performer known as Laura New: if you saw the show the first time around you may remember her as the one who was too drunk to fuck.

Can you tell us a little bit about your story? Why did you run away to join the circus and how did it all happen? 

I had been working and performing in Los Angeles, when the choreographer of Blanc de Blanc, Kevin Maher, called me and asked if I was interested in coming home to perform in a brand new show at the iconic Sydney opera house. Kevin explained the concepts to me and said it would be a very collaborative process. This sounded fun, I was instantly in, performing back home at the Sydney opera house and working with Kevin and a team from all around the world sounded thrilling. Little did I know this new adventure would lead me to running away with the circus. 

We loved the balloon-popping act during the last Blanc de Blanc visit to the Gold Coast, so much fun. Will you be doing it again this time?

Yes I will!

Did you conceptualise the act yourself, or how did it come about? 

The idea was a collaboration with the director, choreographer and myself. I wanted to play on the fact that sometimes a little too much champagne can be a very playful, messy, naughty endeavour.

To someone who has never seen Blanc de Blanc, how would you describe it in a way that sets it apart from other types of entertainment?

It’s a show that leaves you wanting more. There’s something in it for everyone, you’re bound to laugh, giggle and feel a little cheeky by the end. There’s a lot of glamour, skin and pure talent. It’s one of those shows that really found a way to blend circus, dance and comedy in a cabaret setting. Oh! And if you sit too close you’re bound to get wet.

Who’s the responsible older sibling of the Blanc de Blanc family, who’s the biggest introvert, and who’s the naughtiest? 

Our host Monsieur Romeo is our older sibling figure. Hampus our straps master is the introvert. Naughtiest on stage – Spencer. Backstage – Milena

So you must know that just about every show sold out last time, and the reason you’re coming back here is because the GC audiences demanded more more more! How did that make you feel, and what do you think it is about the show that makes it so appealing? 

It’s incredible that we were received so well on the GC and we are all very excited to be coming back for another season. The show starts off tasteful, and sophisticated and then everything unravels into a wild party. I think it’s an appealing show as it’s a blend of international circus, Los Angeles choreography and hilarious comedy. The audience is taken on a ride of pure entertainment.

If you were sitting watching Blanc de Blanc from the audience, which would be your favourite act and why? 

My favourite act would be Masha Terentieva’s hotel cart act, it’s absolutely beautiful to watch.

I spoke with Milena and Spencer last time, and both spoke of feeling like they came “home” when they discovered their first performing arts gig, and of not really fitting in before. Is that how it worked for you too? 

100% “home” is a beautiful way to describe finding myself within the arts as a performer and creator. I didn’t always fit in and I knew performing was what I felt most confident in, it was the one thing I felt I could share. I was always told performing as a career was never a “normal” or “realistic” thing to pursue. The emphasis was on a more “financially secure path”. I challenged that every day, it wasn’t easy but it took hard work and constant conversations of confidence with myself that I was doing what truly made me happy.

Blanc de Blanc runs in the Aurora Spiegeltent in the Boardwater Parklands from 5 October to 5 November, and tickets are selling fast. Visit

IMAGE (c) Matthew Mason

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