Raise a glass with Toadus

If you’re excited to be able to go to the pub again, or if you’re one of the many who discovered day drinking during iso, local band Toadus have your anthem. ‘Drinking’ is the first single release of the Gold Coast locals making a lot of the fun kind of noise in a shed in Burleigh.

Toadus are relatively new to the scene, and some would say it was bad timing since after one huge gig at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse live music was shut down. Sam from Toadus laughs about it when we catch up.

“Yeah, it’s a bit of a crap time to release music when you want to be playing gigs. As much as I’d like to complain, the much broader picture of the world turning to shit is much more important than our shitty little band.”

So rather than sit around moping the guys got busy, like many other local acts, and started recording.

“It was a foray into releasing music for a lot of us in the band for the first time. We got lucky that one of our good friends offered us the use of his gear to record”, Sam says.

While it may have been the first foray into recording, the Toadus lads were no slouches, Sam explains.

“We recorded seven tracks in one afternoon, in one go. We were super happy with them and then, funny story, the next day Lawrie realised I had deleted the drum tracks off most of them. I would like to think the second take is even better!”

With seven tracks ready to roll you may wonder why Toadus have just released a single.

“The idea behind releasing the single was because of Coronavirus, we didn’t want to put the whole lot out there and then not be able to gig. We wanted to put something out there but not have all of it just sit with no live gigs to back it up.”

Citing influences such as Eddy Current, Mini Skirt and the like, it’s not hard to imagine the pub punk, grungy guitar style of Toadus. ‘Drinking’ is their tongue-in-cheek ode to a big night on the beers, and the not so joyful morning after consequences, while still declaring ‘I don’t care, I’ll do it again’.

The track, like the band themselves, is about having fun, blowing off some steam and not taking things too seriously. It’s a song designed to be played live and loud, while downing a beer, or to get you amped up for that.

All going to plan you will be able to see it in full flight, as Toadus are scheduled to appear at a ticketed gig at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse in Burleigh on 14 August. The gig will be shared with The End Less and The Yams so it’s bound to be a blast. Get your tickets here.

‘Drinking’ was released on all the usual streaming services, and also on Bandcamp. We highly recommend hitting the Bandcamp link as the guys will receive more of the proceeds and you get the track ‘Big Steels’ which is a bonus of over seven minutes of classic Aussie pub rock.

For a laugh follow the lads on Instagram at or Facebook.

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