Here come The Vanns

The Vanns have been impressing crowds around Australia for years, gaining loyal followers everywhere they go. They’ve played countless memorable shows on The Gold Coast and we’ve almost come to consider them as locals. With their heavily anticipated debut album set for release sometime this year, The Vanns are hitting our coastline once again for Pig Day Out on 8 September to showcase some fresh tunes and hopefully sneak in a surf or two. We had a quick chat with Jimmy Vann ahead of the show.

The Gold Coast loves you guys, what do you love about the Gold Coast? 

Kirra Point! If someone has a spare board to lend us when we’re up we’ll shout you a beer.

Who is your favourite Gold Coast act right now?

San Mei. I saw her play when she opened for Holy Holy in Sydney. Amazing…

Your current single “Mother” sounds fantastic and feels more stripped back and mellow. Is this what we can expect from the album?

‘Mother’ is a very small taste of what’s to come. We explored some new areas musically the band has never touched upon before so we’re hanging to get the whole record out. But yes, there is plenty of big guitar songs on the way in the same vein as ‘Mother’.

Could you describe the band’s songwriting process?

There’s no real set way we write. It might be lyrics first or a melodic riff idea. Myself and Cam are constantly writing and we will work a song to a certain point and take it to the other lads. Whenever we rehearse we are constantly coming up with ideas as a band and can always pursue a full song as the four of us.

What do you enjoy most, touring or recording and why?

I’m hanging to get back out on the road as it’s been so long since our last shows. Pretty much when we’re on tour I get pretty inspired to write and can’t wait to get back into the studio and vice versa whilst being in the studio.

What is the story behind the band’s name?

Our first live gig as a band was a band comp and we didn’t have a name. They wouldn’t let us play otherwise and we had nothing in terms of names. So we just did the last name thing for each member in the band and ‘Vann’ had a nice ring to it. We planned to scratch the name not long after but everyone supporting the band loved it and the name stuck from there.

If you could pick any dead or alive artist to work with, who would it be and why?

Right now I’d say John Mayer. He’s pushing the boundaries of being an artist and he’s featuring on so many different styles of music lately. He doesn’t sit in any certain genre of music, every album he has released is so different and that excites me if I had the opportunity to work with someone like him.

Do you have a pre-show ritual before you go on stage?

Nothing too exciting… The four of us group hug like the old footy days, make sure we’ve all got a beer and get out there and do what we do.

What can we expect from the Pig Day Out live set? Many tunes from the new album?

We’ve been sitting on this album for a while now and can’t help but whip new songs out live. So yes at least half the album will be played!

The Vanns play Pig Day Out at BBQ Bazaar on Junction Rd, Burleigh Heads on 8 September alongside Tuka & The Thundamentals, Cakes, CHIGGZ & Kylie Shilling, Eliza & The Delusionals, Gratis Minds, Great Gable, Karl S Williams, L33ZE and Oxford’s Collar. The mini festival kicks off at 1pm and tix are available through Oztix.

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