The Top 7 must-see sculptures of SWELL 2020

Can you believe SWELL Sculpture Festival 2020 is halfway through already?

This year’s offering, as always, is a quirky, fun, diverse, meaningful and downright epic feast for the senses, and with the festival hitting all four main compass points across the coast this year, there’s more SWELL for everyone! But here are seven sculptures that we believe are absolute MUST-SEEs on your visits.


‘Ragnar V Moby’ by Robert Gunther

The sculpture entitled ‘Ragnar V Moby’ is essential to see on your visit to SWELL as it tells a tale of an ancient Indian Parable of the ‘Elephant and Three Blind Men’. The sculpture conveys the message of how easy it is to believe something false if you are only given part of the picture, especially if the truth is outside your usual realm of thought. This sculpture also encapsulates Currumbin in its essence as it is comprised of a whale and a Viking ship, two things intertwined with Currumbin’s past.


‘Men of the North’ by Ivan Lovatt

‘Men of the North’ by Ivan Lovatt is a sensational sculpture made of galvanised aviary wire on primitive timber plinth. The captivating piece also harkens back to Currumbin’s routes as it represents the character of Floki from the series “Vikings”.


‘Femme Fatale’ by Village Bike Inc, QLD

‘Femme Fatale’ is an intriguing sculpture by a collaborative team called Village Bike Inc, QLD. The sculpture is fittingly made using recycled bike parts and steel. It is a metaphor of what bikes are to us: something attractive and dangerous that ultimately will cause distress to those involved. The sculpture depicts a female praying mantis biting off the head of its mate, which is a visually stimulating experience.


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‘Anomaly’ by Philip Darnton

‘Anomaly’ by Philip Darnton is a shining sculpture which is sure to catch your eye on Currumbin beach. The shards of acrylic mirror catch the light from the sun and cast it all over the beach, creating a visually appetising illusion. The sculpture aims to work against some traditional ideas of sculpture, making it an intriguing must see.


‘Sorrow’ by Jaqueline Damon

‘Sorrow’ by Jaqueline Damon is a must see as the magnificent white sails contrasted against the sand and ocean is a marvellous visual experience.



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‘Lazy Days’ by Karl Meyer

‘Lazy Days’ by South Australian-based Karl Meyer is a captivating sculpture from SWELL. The piece has beautiful vibrant colours of pink and orange which seek to encourage viewers to take a break and have lazy day. This sculpture is very fitting for the Gold Coast as it references classic beach culture, and in turn the beauty of one of the Gold Coast’s greatest natural treasures. This piece is situated at westerlySWELL at Mudgeeraba Village Green.


‘CHOOK RACER’ by Christopher Trotter

Christopher Trotter’s ‘CHOOK RACER’ is a must-see sculpture. Trotter’s sculpture at easterlySWELL, Chevron Island, explores a playful element as it references Roman chariots, kids’ toys, Mad Max, bikie trikes, Vdub buggies and formula one racing. The Chook Racer appears very animated and is sure to have you smiling.

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