The Paper Kites + Timberwolf: Live gallery and review | Miami Marketta | Friday 15 March 2019

The cascading rain outside Miami Marketta on Friday night was the perfect setting for the Adelaide four-piece, Timberwolf. Brooding frontman, Christopher Panousakis, is someone who draws attention – his presence is kind of like a magnetic force of melancholy and beauty, whom everyone feels compelled to listen to. With his buttery voice, impressive falsettos and heartfelt lyrics, songs like ‘Ikaros’, ‘Washed Out’ and ‘Proud Silence’ were welcomed by the appreciative audience. Timberwolf’s seamless performance finished with the angsty and bittersweet ‘Control’, with Panousakis lamenting , ‘I wish I could surrender my control to love, but I keep howling like a hungry dog, waiting for my life to begin’. Timberwolf’s set was the kind that left your heartstrings tangled and your mind reflecting on love lost.

The minute The Paper Kites picked up their instruments and struck the first chord to ‘Deep Burn Blue’, the mellow and melodic five piece from Melbourne took the crowd on a journey to those hours of the night, where reality seems a little surreal and where emotions run high. Playing an eclectic mix of songs, from their latest release ‘On The Corner Where You Live’ to tracks off their first EP, ‘Woodland’, it is evident that these guys are masters of the ‘slow-build’ as their intricately layered tracks leave you attentive, acutely listening to the stories told. Sentimental ‘Revelator Song,’ ‘Too Late’, ‘Nothing More Than That,’ and ‘Woodland’ oozed the alt-country dreaminess and beautiful harmonised sounds The Paper Kites are renowned for.

‘Sometimes it’s nice not to look at anything’.

With that, all the lights went out and Sam Bentley and guitarist Sam Rasmussen treated the silenced listeners to the beautiful ‘Only One’.  Perhaps it was the completely darkened space, or perhaps it was the emotionally-charged lyrics of the song, but either way, it was an unforgettable moment that reminded us of just powerfully provoking music can be.

Finishing with ‘Tenenbaum’ and ‘Train Ride’, the atmosphere in the room was one where you felt you could almost reach out and physically touch the emotion in the air. Undoubtedly, The Paper Kites are more than just a band, they’re poets, storytellers and melodic maestros, who transport you to a place where time stands still and sentimentality reigns supreme.

Images (c) Gio Siregar

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