The MOLOTOV: Detonation Boulevard

Hard hitting Gold Coast five piece The MOLOTOV are a mixed gender (two female, three male) heavy-hybrid juggernaut, detonating a powerful amalgamation of prog and industrial tinged metal, politically charged rap and punk fuelled angst to deliver their own, swirlingly unique sonic stew.

Their latest single, ‘BREAK’, is a memorable, up-tempo rock number resplendent with impassioned vocals, gut churning power chords, subtle lashings of synth and a fist pumping guitar riff, that masterfully encapsulates the multi-faceted explosive force that is The MOLOTOV.

The track serves as a precursor to the band’s upcoming new album, ‘RESISTENTIA’, scheduled for release in October, which lays out their eclectically heavy manifesto across its twelve dynamic sonic bullets.

In the lead up to the album’s release, as well as their upcoming performance at the 11th annual Wallapalooza Festival, on 14 September, we fired off some questions to founding member, Scart.

How long have the band been playing together for, and is it the primary musical outlet for the members, or do you also play in other bands?

I started The MOLOTOV years ago as a solo project and the band has had a few incarnations along the way, but this line-up is definitely what we consider our ‘Final Form’ and we’ve been playing together for about 6 – 7 years. I released one solo EP and then 2 EP’s with the previous line-up, then Dan, our keyboardist and second guitarist and I decided to move things in a heavier direction. Jayde Angus joined as our lead singer and brought her own lyric and music writing talents into the mix, Claire joined on bass and vocals and finally Paul joined us on drums.

It is the main band for all of us but we do have occasional side projects and jam with others. I kept jamming with Stu, the band’s previous drummer and we started a recording project called Enemies of Rome. Jayde and Claire both play multiple instruments and have collaborated with other friends and Dan plays keys at festivals and doofs. Paul was a guitarist before he hit the drums so he sometimes jams on guitar with mates at Rock City.

Being that your drummer, Paul, has a recording studio, is this where the current single and upcoming new album were recorded? And can you tell us a bit about the genesis of the new material?

Yeah, the entire RESISTENTIA Album was recorded and mixed at Rock City Studios by Rian Cavaye, and the music video for (our new single) ‘BREAK’ was actually filmed there by Ady of AD8 films. Rock City is basically our Band Home and where this line-up came together, so getting to record there in a professional studio was perfect for us and very handy for Paul, as he could keep an eye on things at the same time.

Musically, the newer works on RESISTENTIA take all of our combined influences, from old school punk and grunge through to electro, prog & metal, and pull them all together. Whether it’s creating in the studio or working on existing pieces that are brought in, everyone brings their own style into each song. Even previously released tracks that we’ve redone like ‘Free’ and ‘Go Back To Sleep’ have everyone’s vibe and personality in them and take on a completely different feel. It also means, for us, that we have a wide variety of sound that can range from the rock/rap chant vibes of ‘In The Red’ to the vicious punk/metal intensity of ‘TOUCH’.

We also all have similar views on social, political and world issues, which is essentially the core that The Molotov was formed around. This means, lyrically and thematically, every song means something to us, says what we think and expresses our views on issues that affect our lives. The fact that we vary so widely in age (the dates of birth of the band members span four decades), gender and life experiences also mean our ideas and influences are, I feel, more diverse than most bands. I think that’s reflected in the songs on the album.

Are you planning on any touring to support the album when it comes out? And if so, where can we expect to see you play?

Our next gig and one of our yearly favourites is Wallapalooza at The Wallaby Hotel on Sept 14th, the day after we release our second single, ‘Rising Tide’, from the album. We’ve been playing Wallapalooza, in different forms, for 11 years now so it’s basically our ‘Home Ground’ gig. It’s also great to be a part of one of the few ongoing Festivals in this area that supports original music, has free entry and gives heavier bands a chance to be heard. So props to Andy Clark for keeping this growing each year and taking it interstate as well.

And yes, we’re planning to launch the album on October 12 at The Church in Brisbane and after that, to hit Sydney, Melbourne and other areas. The Launch Party will be part gig, part listening-party and we’ll be filming some music videos, so it’s looking to be a pretty wild night that we’re aiming to take to other cities.
We also like The Backroom at Chardons Corner in Brisbane, as it’s got a great sound system, has a good local vibe and we’ll be hitting it up for Rock Beats Depression at the end of September. Which, funnily enough, is run by our former singer Caity (KT) Kuhneman. Someone once said The Molotov is somewhere between a band and a family and I guess the connections do stay pretty strong.

What’s been your most memorable concert performance/experience to date?

I think, for myself, getting to support the mighty MAMMAL at The Zoo in Brisbane when they toured was definitely a highlight. Their sound, social and political views and overall vibe has always been one I’ve had respect for. So getting the offer to play with them was an early Christmas present and was a ‘gotta pinch myself’ moment. But The MOLOTOV has played so many live music venues in Brisbane, on the Coast and beyond, with some great bands. We’ve played everywhere from the Coolangatta Hotel and Shark Bar on the coast to the Crowbar, Rics & Brightside in Brisbane, as well as places like Frankies in Sydney. For us, whether it’s a small or large crowd, it’s always a blast to play our music to people, wherever they are, and to be able to connect with them. It’s why we do it.

‘Break’ is available now through the usual channels, and keep your eye on the band’s socials for news of the album release. Be sure to catch them at this year’s Wallapalooza in September.

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