The Maslows: Shaping Up For a Bumper 2020

Following a low key 2019, quality Gold Coast rockers The Maslows are about to re-enter the local musical orbit armed with a stack of new tunes, which the four piece are eager to showcase over the coming months in the live realm. But that’s not to say that the guys have been idle or creatively barren, as band front man and guitarist Aaron Fenech explains of their ‘out of the public eye’ approach to the year that just was.

“Well, in 2018 we played a lot of shows, including around twenty on the Gold Coast, which meant we weren’t really finding time for the creative side of the band. So we started writing some new material and the writing process sort of snowballed from there and took over. We didn’t consciously make a decision to stop playing shows in 2019, but there was a good creative energy in the band and as we finished each song, we recorded it.  This process of writing and recording organically developed across the whole year.”

To announce their public re-emergence, The Maslows have just delivered a cracking new single, ‘Passerby’. Says Fenech of the genesis of the track; “Passerby was initially inspired by a Netflix documentary called ‘Patient 17’, about a surgeon who claims to remove alien implants from patients. At the same time I was lying on the trampoline in my garden one night after a particularly nice bottle of shiraz when a satellite skimmed across the night sky, which in turn lead me to start pondering the age old mystery of whether we are alone and are the centre of all the universe.

“The song evolved fairly quickly from this idea and was recorded with our good friend, the multi-talented Scott French at Lovestreet Studios. Scott is someone we really enjoy working with, as he creates a relaxed studio environment and really pushes to get the best out of us and often has some great ideas around the arrangements of the songs.”

The new track is a precursor to a full length album, which is scheduled to see the light of day in the second half of 2020. Fenech is excited by the prospect of getting it out there and sees it as a natural evolution of the bands signature formula of wide-screen guitar rock oozing with impassioned tension and dynamics.

“In terms of the vibe of the album, it’s still got The Maslows big guitar sound across all the tracks but we think our song writing has evolved since our first EP, which came out in 2015. There’s a couple of heavier songs on this album and we have also tried to capture some nice melodic lines through a number of the tracks. The new single, ‘Passerby’ is definitely a good representation of what can be expected to be heard when this comes out.”

As to what else is in store for the band for the rest of 2020, Fenech is excited by the thought of getting back out there and delivering the goods live.

“We are definitely looking forward to playing more shows again this year and have already started gigging a whole new set, which has gone down really well so far.  We may push out a couple more singles to continue to build the momentum before the album drops, so this year is shaping up to be our busiest yet. We will continue to enjoy playing here on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane in 2020, but are looking to expand our horizons both in Queensland and interstate.”

Be sure to catch dynamic rockers The Maslows when they next light up the stage at The Rompa Room in Nerang on 27 March and BBQ Bazaar at Burleigh on 24 April.

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