The Grogans to Deliver the Best Night Ever

Best Night Ever (BNE) is back on the Gold Coast Sunday 19 December at Miami Marketta. Alongside anticipated performances from “icons” Violent Soho, West Thebarton and Teenage Joans, unmissable Melbourne punk legends, The Grogans, kick the party into full swing following the release of their new single ‘Just A Kid’. With a line up as juicy as this, BNE is sure to whet your punk rock appetite.

With a slick and undeniably groovy sound reminiscent of blues-inspired 60s surf rock with a garage punk flair, the ever-humble Grogs trio are set to deliver. Their fresh and addictive upbeat single will definitely get you up out of your seat, singing along to nostalgic youth. “‘Just A Kid’ started more as a song for the meaning of it. Coming up to our mid 20s, we’re stuck in that weird void in between, still feeling like a kid but not being one.”

Keeping to their surf rock roots, the track is layered with punches of tangy vocals that display Quin Grunden’s impressive range, silky reverb-heavy electric guitar from Angus Vasic and spicy drum beats from Jordan Lewis. Playing under three minutes, it’s a short and tasty morsel that is sure to leave you wanting more.

We spoke to Jordy and Quin ahead of their Best Night Ever gig.

How are you feeling after releasing ‘Just A Kid’?

Q: It’s always fun and exciting putting a track out irrespective of its performance, it’s almost like a release. We really appreciate putting this out through Cousin Will Records. He does a lot of work on these releases. We’ve got really cool creatives around us, and a really great support network that personally inspires me.

What was your process in creating the track?

J: We stumbled upon it. Quin and I would just be having a jam, making a rough outline of what it could be. Then we showed Gus and he put his twist on it. We always build it together.

Q: That’s how our stuff has evolved now. It all glues together when we’re all in one room hanging out. Nothing’s been quite structural.

Were you looking to produce a particular sound?

J: It’s still a very Grogans song. We’re not trying to change it up too drastically, but our influences have changed and we want to obviously grow and build as a band.

Q: It’s a natural thing how we approach our songwriting. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel but we’re not trying to go back on our safe place of knowing what works. Just naturally trying to morph into what we want to become.

In such tricky times, where do you find inspiration?

Q: The lockdowns almost did inspire it. We all had time to stop our lives and lots of things would unravel personally. You would start thinking about the complexities you’re going through in terms of age.

J: We were sitting at home constantly listening to music, watching music videos, playing. We’re in here and frustrated we can’t leave, so you know, there’s nothing better than to have a jam.

What are you most looking forward to about Best Night Ever on the Gold Coast?

Q: I’m just excited! I love having my friends on stage. We get very grateful when we play live. And it’s sick to get to do something that we like, and it’s so fun!

J: I’m looking forward to playing the best night ever! It’s all in the name. I love the energy of performing live. That’s my favourite part, seeing everyone go a bit nuts and having fun. And it’s to our music, that’s mental.

Are there any other bands you’re stoked to see from the BNE line up?

J: Our manager Will loves West Thebarton, so I’m keen as to see them. And Violent Soho will be mental.

Q: All of them. We’ve been doing a couple of tours since we started so we get to see other bands emerging, like Teenage Joans are a sick example of that. This will be a nice introduction to all these bands.

With the live music industry struggling under the pandemic, how important is it now for people to attend gigs and support Australian music?

J: It’s the most crucial time and it’s super important for everyone.

Q: It is the most crucial. We’ve got so many friends as part of our team, like booking agents, sound guys and managers who do so much. The music industry isn’t bands, it’s so many people. I hope people start looking into that.

What’s next?

J: We just want to get out and play!

Q: We’re in a cycle at the moment where we write an album, release it, tour it, come back, write it. We’ve definitely got more content coming, but whether it’s this year or next year it’s still in the works.

Check out the full line up and get your tickets for 19 December now! With extremely limited capacity, you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss out on the Best Night Ever. Head over to to get your night sorted, and hit up The Grogans across socials @thegrogansband.

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