The Doors turn 50. Gold Coast celebrates.

It’s been 50 years since the release of The Doors’ self-titled breakthough album. To celebrate the Soundlounge has put curated a lineup of some of the city’s finest bands to pay tribute to The Doors’ back catalogue.

We’ve put together some of the Gold Coast’s finest young bands to pay tribute to this amazing band’s catalogue of greats.

Soundlounge’s Brad Inglis said a few things came together to make the show seem like a great idea.

“We are always aware that there’s some seriously talented young local bands playing around the coast but we cant always get enough of a turnout to make a show for them at Soundlounge viable,” he explained.

“We have a great base of Soundlounge regulars who love live music, but also like to hear something they know.”

“So, we tried to work out a way to bring the two worlds together, and it’s looking like it’ll be massive,” Brad said. “Local bands get to be seen by a much wider audience and our Soundlounge regulars get something right up their alley.”

Brad has curated Yes Sir Noceur, Thee End Less and Trapdoor to pull the tribute together. Brad says the lineup came about after talking to people around the local scene.

“Yes Sir Noceur have been playing around the Coast for a few years now and have deservedly developed a solid following,” he said of the four-piece, fresh from playing Gold Coast Music Award’s LIVE lineup. “We’ve had them play Soundlounge a while back and were very impressed with their professionalism and solid skills.”

Nige Maunder, Thee End Less’ frontman brings a serious voice to go with the band’s heavy blues x psychedlie sound. “They definitely have harnessed the sounds of bands like The Doors in their own songwriting,” Brad explains.

And Trapdoor, also fresh from the Gold Coast Music Awards after-party lineup are ‘top blokes’.

“It’s not going to be easy trying to pull off these covers, but it’s worth the challenge to pay tribute to such an iconic band,” say Trapdoor members.We feel honored that we were asked to play music of a band who have been such a big influence to us.” 

Rory Switzer, drummer with Yes Sir Noceur agrees. 

“We’re very stoked to be a part of a show celebrating one of our biggest influences,” he told Blank Gold Coast.

“We may have to have a little dress up on the night….”

“The Doors had an effect on all of us growing up, particularly Marc (Cowie, vocalist) who has embodied the psychedelic low tones of Jim in his vocals which really compliments our sound. And that hair….

“We are even more excited to be preforming alongside our BFs Trapdoor in one of the coast’s best live music venues. It’s going to be a night for the books,” Rory Said.

“We’re really excited about this one,” Brad said.

I reckon it’s going to be like stepping back to the early days. These bands have so much spirit and passion and they all love The Doors.”

“We’re also going to have each band play a couple of their own tracks… I reckon some Doors lovers will find some new favourite songs amongst the originals,” he said.

“We’ve got three of the greatest Gold Coast bands playing some of the greatest songs of all time, you really cant go wrong!

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Soundlounge’s tribute to The Doors takes place Saturday 12 May from 7.30pm. And with a set list that includes People are Strange, Roadhouse Blues, Love her Madly, LA Woman, Backdoor Man and Break On Through, tickets are moving fast. We recommend you hustle for this one. Visit for details.



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