The Delta Riggs: Keeping It Real at the Crafted Beer and Cider Festival

Wide-screen indie rockers The Delta Riggs are gearing up to headline the upcoming Crafted Beer And Cider Festival, taking place at Kurrawa Park in Broadbeach on Saturday 7 September. Now up to its third instalment and already acknowledged as the Gold Coast’s number one beer and cider event, this year sees the festival deliver their best line up of drinks, music and food yet.

On the beer and cider front, over 40 breweries (offering more than 200 different beers!) will be in attendance, including local beer legends such as Balter, Black Hops and Burleigh Brewing, as well as a host of quality craft breweries from all over Australia. 2019 also marks the emergence of Granddad Jack’s Craft Spirits Bar, which will feature offerings from award-winning Miami craft distillery Granddad Jacks. There’ll also be a bumper range of gourmet eating options and food trucks on hand.

This year also sees the Festival ‘go green’, with patrons receiving a free reusable cup, to help the environment one beer at a time! And be sure to look out for the ‘Jimmy Brings People’s Choice Awards’, which will give you the chance to vote for your favourite beer or cider on the day.

And then there’s the music, with seven class acts on the bill, including renowned headliners The Delta Riggs. Now based in Melbourne (but originally from the Gold Coast area), the past few years has seen the band consolidate their burgeoning reputation and take their edgy yet anthemic rock to a whole new level, both locally and abroad.

The band have been busy recently dropping some killer new singles over the past six months, including the just-released number, ‘Reality’, which guitarist Jesse Pattinson describes as “a song for the dreamers about looking inward to create your own change and not getting caught up in the details.”

The song serves as a precursor to an upcoming new album from the lads (their fourth), called ‘Modern Pressure’, which is scheduled to see the light of day on 6 September via Inertia Music. For a band that has typically churned out records fairly rapidly, it’s been three years now since their last release, the extremely well received ‘Active Galactic’. Says lead guitarist Alex Markwell, who also doubles as the bands in-house producer for the most part:

“I remember with the second record, we recorded it in like seven days or something, but with this new record, for one of the tracks we recorded about four different versions over many months, before going back to the original, haha! I guess with this one, we didn’t want to put a bunch of pressure on ourselves. We wanted to give ourselves the chance to really get into the songs, then sit back and listen to them objectively, to work out which were the best versions”.

As for what fans can expect from the new record, Alex offer up the following take on the sonic delights to be found within ‘Modern Pressure’; “There’s a couple of curve balls in there. But mainly I think we went back to being a bit more band oriented, less ‘bells and whistles’ and building on the sound of our last few albums without losing the original integrity of what we sound like as a band, trying not to follow trends and that sort of stuff. Elliott, the singer, plays drums a lot on this record. Wherever possible we set the band up in the studio, where we at least nailed the bass, drums and rhythm guitars live.”

The bands headlining performance at Crafted Beer And Cider will be somewhat of a homecoming for the guys, with Alex super keen to showcase plenty of the punchy new numbers.

“We’re all Goldy boys and that’s where we met, all those years ago, playing at the Hard Rock Cafe for a bit of fun, while some of us were still in other bands. For the upcoming shows we’re doing a bunch of rehearsals over the next month. We can’t come out with a new record on the horizon and just play the same show we did last time. So we’ll probably load up half the set with the new songs, and fill the rest up with stuff that people (hopefully) like. I certainly get excited playing the new stuff!”

The Delta Riggs will be headlining a killer line up of music as part of this year’s Crafted Beer and Cider Festival, on Saturday 7 September. Other artists appearing on the day include WHARVES, Seaside, Nice Biscuit, Concrete Surfers and Jack Botts. Jump over here for more info and tix.

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