The Automaton get Ferocious with ‘The Exit’

Logan’s Music scene is getting louder and heavier and thanks to musicians Fi, Pete, Deja and Jimmy, and their band, The Automaton. In early October the band released their newest Album ‘The Exit,’ bringing a fun mix of heavy psychedelic fusion to Logan’s growing music scene.

We shot some questions to the band in order to get to know them a little bit better.

What influences inspired your album?

We’re super influenced by the interconnectedness of all living things, that’s been a real driver during the writing of The Exit. Everything is one, and we probably won’t shut up about it. Otherwise, cult sci-fi movies, women in heavy music, literature, the local underground music scene, psychedelia, futuristic art.

How has the response been to the album so far?

Insane. We’ve had some amazing feedback from all over the world, and people are sharing it and discussing it. It’s flamin’ awesome.

How long have you been together, and how did you all meet?

We’ve been a four piece for about three years now. Pete and Fi knew eachother from way back, and Fi and Deja we’re in another band together before THE AUTOMATON. Jimmy is a vagabond we found at a music festival and completed our lineup.

Fi saw Deja sing at a party about 13 years ago and said to herself, one day imma start a band with that girl. So yeah, it was a long time foretold.

Where can people catch you live?

We’re in the middle of a local region tour at the moment. We kicked off playing Mitchell Creek Rock and Blues Festival, and recently played out at Banshees with our fam Gutterfire.

We’re playing in Rock Beats Depression on 6 November, which is important to us all and then for the QLD leg of the Aftermath tour in late November with a swag of Aus’ best bands.

For people who’ve never heard you before, how would you describe your sound?

I guess Heavy Stoner/psychedelic rock would be our main jam. But if you ask us, we actually sound like relentless mountain lion prowling the desert looking for prey. Ferocious.

Fun question: if you could tour with anyone right now, who would you tour with?

Ooft, that’s hard. If it were locally based, def Hobomagic or Cakes or Drug Cult. Internationally speaking, it’d be dope to play with All Them Witches, Blues Pills, Orange Goblin, King Woman.

What’s next for the band?

We’re just riding out our tour for the rest of this year and then we go back into the creation cycle. Who knows what rolls up, but we’ll be ready.

Listen to ‘The Exit’ at and follow the band @theautomaton and

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