Tesla Cøils get graphic with new single and video ‘Dinosynth’

Our favourite dark electronic industrialists (try saying that when you’re drunk) Tesla Cøils, have emerged once more from their cosmic monolith with the delightfully freaky single and clip ‘Dinosynth’, a science-fiction fantasy tale about a giant cyborg Tyrannosaur who floats through space, seeking connection and understanding. Ahh, poor cyborg, you are all of us sometimes. ‘Dinosynth’ was born of the wonderfully unique inner workings of Tesla Cøils frontman and songwriter Jed Wølters, who, along with absolute beast of a drummer Chris Dennis, never fails to deliver the goods. The enigmatic Jed gave as an insight into Dinosynth’s genesis, and just how the pure brilliance of the song’s animated clip came about.

“The idea for the ‘Dinosynth’ video has been in my head ever since I wrote the song. As you know, we’ve always been a visual band, and I like to try and make a video for every song we release.

“I knew that I wanted ‘Dinosynth’ to be an animation involving Chris and myself in a spaceship, encountering the eponymous colossal cyborg tyrannosaur.  I didn’t know any animators, but coincidentally, I met Chris’s multimedia-extraordinaire friend Peter Anthony at one of our gigs. I was telling him about my idea, and out of the blue he said ‘That’s doable. I can animate that for you’.”

And so he did. The end product is so very Tesla Cøils, it looks like it sprang directly from the mind of Jed onto the screen.

“I was certainly pretty picky with certain things, down to the colours of the ship interior, the movement of the characters, facial expressions,” he recalls.

“Peter even had me film myself reacting and moving so he could model his animation off of my natural expressions.” Check out the video below:

Although cartoonish in its delivery, ‘Dinosynth’, as with all of Tesla Cøils music, comes from a place of emotional significance.

“’Dinosynth’ is whimsical and sci-fi based, but it’s also about loneliness, isolation and segregation,” Jed explains.

“The feeling that you’re the last of your kind, nobody understands you, you can’t connect with other humans. A negative aspect of my psyche, yes, but the beauty is that I’ve utilised those despairing feelings to create such a positive piece of art with my friends that I’m proud of, and I’m going to perform it live, and it’s going to make me feel good about myself.”

Jed is not the first artist to write from the darker recesses of his brain, but he’s also inspired by sounds and – quite specifically – a deep love of late seventies and early eighties music of post-war Europe.

“I’m fascinated by that era,” he tells us. “The way the gloomy disaffected youth got their hands on the first affordable synthesizers, and through forging industrial, post-punk and new wave genres, they depicted the bleak and concrete-rubble dystopia that surrounded them. I’m in love with those sounds, that imagery, the sheer coldness and melancholic nature of the entire culture.”

Jed replicates the sounds of that time and place through his own vintage, analog synthesisers, and the look via his own striking gothic getup, something that can be a struggle to maintain in the hot Australian climate.

“It’s kind of hard being a goth in Queensland,” he laments. “You sweat your ass off and that beautiful trenchcoat you spend your hard earned money on hardly gets worn.”

Of course a unique personal style can sometimes generate unwelcome attention, but Jed uses that for inspiration too.

“I like composing in such a way that takes the listener to that place, whether it’s in the corner at house party you really don’t wanna be at, or underneath a streetlight at 2am crying because some gronk made fun of you.”

Three years is a long time between releases, and ‘Dinosynth’ has all the trademarks of a track that has been carefully planned and thoughtfully executed. Given the buzz that surrounded the duo’s first visual EP, ‘Emergence of the Cosmic Monolith’, we’re quite excited to hear what’s in store for us next.

“We have a bunch of music in the works,” says Jed.

“A lot of the songs in our current live show are unreleased, and we’re really excited about them. No dates in stone yet, but we’re planning on releasing a few more singles before a bigger collection bundle, whatever that may consist of.”

Watch this ‘space’.

Catch Tesla Cøils doing their thang live at elsewhere in Surfers on 8 Feb alongside Høt Coffee and Lotus Ship. ‘Dinosynth’ is out now, and you can check it out on YouTube. Hop over to teslacoilsmusic.com to keep up with the adventures of Jed and Chris.

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