Tesla Coils: Cosmic Monolith Rising

Emergence Of The Cosmic Monolith, the debut EP by intergalactic heavy-electronica two piece Tesla Coils, made quite an impression when it detonated upon the Australian music landscape in August 2016. Eight months later the duo, Jed Wølters on vocals and vintage synths, and drumming powerhouse Chris Dennis, have experienced a meteoric rise, culminating in them taking out the prestigious ‘emerging artist of the year’ award from a field of red hot contenders at this year’s Gold Coast Music Awards. They were also nominated for song of the year, for their track Eyes.

The guys were understandably over the moon to receive this accolade. And while the rise of Tesla Coils may appear somewhat sudden, the band have put in the hard yards and undertaken plenty of development and growth prior to their current rapidly ascending status.

Explains Jed: “We’ve been going for awhile, but at the start we were still feeling our way through the songs. There’s a handful of songs that we don’t play anymore, just because I’ve become a better songwriter, and I got better at my instruments, and better at layering sounds. And then when we solidified the line up, just me and Chris, it was perfect. I did originally want more players in the band, to take care of other duties. But being a two piece makes things so easy. Just to call one guy up to rehearse. Or book just two flights for a tour, rather than five.”

Adds Chris; “It’s going great so far. When we started out we didn’t realise that it was going to get so big so fast. And we have plans and goals in place for the future.You can’t just take it day by day. You’ve got to push for something.”

Speaking of the future, with the rapid increase in profile and exposure that the band have received recently, the rest of 2017 is shaping up to be a fruitfully hectic ride. For fans eagerly awaiting new recorded material, a brand new 5 track EP is already in the pipeline, the name of which cannot be revealed just yet, but suffice to say, it’s in keeping with the band’s celestial mythology.

“I’ve already finished the drums for the next EP” chimes in Chris enthusiastically, while Jed says of the pending new release; “I won’t give away too much, but it’s the next phase of our adventure through the Tesla Coils universe. It’s made up of songs that people who see us live know already, as we’re currently playing them in our set. And they’re already favourites too. It’s pretty much like our ‘Empire Strikes Back,’ laughs Jed.

“It’s going to be full of despair, and loss of hope.” Adds Chris: “I love our first EP, but in my heart, this (upcoming) one is the pumping one. There’s a lot more anthems, that’s all I’m gonna say.”

And with further touring and talk already of a debut album beyond the horizon, it’s certainly an exciting time for the band, with much to look forward to for their ever growing fan base. We here at Blank are pretty damn excited to be joining them as they traverse the outer regions of the musical cosmos.

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