Tapping Away with Ollie Twohill

21 year-old Northern Rivers singer songwriter Ollie Twohill, known around the traps for his energetic solo shows and uplifting songs, has just poured all that live energy into brand new single ‘Tapping Away’, out today.

‘Tapping Away’, according to Ollie, is an “acoustic heavy” number. The track features all of Ollie’s signature live techniques: a loop pedal, stomp box, high hat cymbals, guitars, and hooks for days, and was recorded at Core Studios in Varsity Lakes.

Ollie has a longstanding passion for music and performing, emerging early in life when he started singing before he could talk. Although he’s based in the Northern Rivers, he cut his teeth on a variety of youth music programs around the Gold Coast, and has been a familiar face at such venues as BBQ Bazaar and Cooly Hotel. He has even made an appearance at Buskers by The Creek.

“I’ve always seen the Gold Coast as a second home to me,” Ollie says. “I’ve had so many great memories on the GC and have played some of my biggest and best gigs here as well.”

>>> Take a listen to ‘Tapping Away’

Written over three days, ‘Tapping Away’ is mastered by the Emmy winner Leon Zervas (Studios301) and recorded with Gold Coaster Dylan Smith, with appearances by Lawson and Blair Hamilton of Evacuation on drums and bass.

Ollie describes the songwriting process.

“When I had the basic rhythmic structure down I randomly started freestyling nonsense gibberish until it formed into words,” he laughs.

“I wrote the guitar and vocal parts all by myself, and gave Lawson and Blair full control to do whatever they felt fit the song. I gave them rough ideas on how I pictured certain parts to go and they took those parts and blew them out the water.”

Inspired by society’s overuse of digital technology and social media, ‘Tapping Away’ speaks to Ollie’s frustration with the lack of personal contact that arises from having too much access to tech.

“I wrote this song because whenever I go to the pub, it’ll come to a point in the night where everyone looks down at their phones, checking social media etc,” Ollie explains.

[The song] is about how in an age of revolutionary technology, society seems to be getting lost in addiction and temporary happiness rather than spending time with people they love and care about.

We asked Ollie what listeners can expect from the release, especially those who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing him perform.

“Like most people, I’m a sucker for a catchy and infectious hook,” he says.

“Listeners can expect plenty of energy and fun choruses to sing along to get you in the right mood.”

‘Tapping Away’ is on digital platforms from today, with follow up singles to come in December and February 2021. Check it out here.

Interview by Simone Gorman-Clark. Story by Natalie O’Driscoll

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