Getting creative with Tania Blanchard

Burleigh has a new gallery space and Tania Blanchard is the creative mind behind it.

Tania Blanchard is an artist who lives all aspects of her life following her creative calling, or “being creative from a problem solving point of view,” as she calls it. Whether it is a degree in fine arts, further studies in graphic design, music, poetry, photography or painting, Tania Blanchard’s professional life as well as her private life follows one creative endeavour at a time.

“I ended up moving to the Gold Coast for family reasons and at that point had a young baby. I gave up my graphic design job and focused on being a mum for a fair few years but still had a fascination with creativity,” she explains. “Once the kids went to school, I started painting again and decided to give it good go.”

That “go” paid off and with hard work and talent as well as great timing and a little bit of luck, she has succeeded in turning her art into her livelihood.

Tania’s art evolves around colour and texture. “I have always been drawn to colour and simple designs as well as texture. How they play against each other,” she says. “My style might change but colour and texture will always remain central.”

She continues. “I work with spatulas to create large spots. I create scenery underneath and paint on top of it. To keep each colour pure, I can only work with 2-3 colours at once and then have the wait for it to dry before continuing to avoid smudging. It takes me 4-6 weeks to finish a painting.”

Tania developed a strong connection with her Burleigh community and when it was time to find a dedicated work space, it had to be in Burleigh.

“I was in a fortunate position of not having any paintings left to put on the wall [of my work and gallery space] so the idea of helping others and supporting the community developed.”

The space opened with a week-long celebration of local artists from Brisbane to Coffs Harbour at the end of last year.

“The space is a creative space. I am just brainstorming a calendar of events; performance nights, poetry, exhibitions, art that is different.” Tania envisions the space: “Elegant and sophisticated space with the art on the wall the hero.”

If you want to see more of Tania’s art and want to be in-the-know on what is happening at the TBC gallery, follow them on Instagram @tania_blanchard_creative and @tbcgallery.

IMAGE (c) Troy Archer

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