Well that’s just swell, buddy

The Gold Coast now has access to a revolutionary free voice-activated service that details surf conditions for 20 of the region’s iconic and world-famous beaches.

Developed by Pete Whelan, Swell Buddy provides hourly swell conditions and can be accessed through Google Assistant on over one billion android devices and one hundred million smart speakers. It is an entirely voice-activated system that provides you with current wave height, frequency and direction hourly updates.

“Swell Buddy gives you a very quick report of the local swell conditions,” Pete explained.

“You get audio playback of the latest conditions immediately so the idea is you can be driving your Kombi van down the M1 highway and say ‘hey swell buddy what’s it like at Snapper Rocks’ and it will come back and give you a quick idea of what the conditions are like locally. You can even ask about different beaches at different times so you can, for example, ask the condition for Burleigh Heads at 3pm and find out the answer.”

While there are other surf condition reports available, Pete stresses that Swell Buddy is the way of the future.

“It has added features of being immediate and accessible,” he declared.

“There’s a lot of surf reports out there that are very in-depth and technical and give a lot of information but this is more meeting the surfers where they are. They could be driving down the Gold Coast highway and want to know where it’s good at that instant and get that information right here, right now spoken to you rather than typed into the internet. This is completely hands-free so you can talk in your car, your phone or even your fridge! It will change the way we interact with surfing conditions.”

Swell Buddy is available now. For more information go to program-productions.com.

IMAGE (c) Lamp Photography

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