Sustainable School Awards open on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast schools have gotten their very own sustainability awards. Sustainable Schools Network and Gecko Environment Council have initiated the inaugural School Sustainability Awards this year with the intention to get the students to take a closer look at sustainability and specifically sustainability in their school.

“There has been a need to get the schools further involved in sustainability on the Gold Coast. To introduce School Sustainability Awards will ensure new opportunities for students and the whole school community to approach the wider concept of sustainability,” Katie Norman, Sustainable Schools Network CEO said.

“We are encouraging the students to look at sustainability from all different angles; environmental, economic, social and systems. The more creative and innovative their approach, the better!”

The School Sustainability Awards is aimed to become an annual highlight for both the school year and curriculum on the coast as well as the sustainability calendar for our City.

The awards have been divided into two categories; primary and secondary school. Both categories have a $1000 first prize with Gecko Environment Council providing the primary school award and Regen Australia the Secondary School Award.

The entries are required to be new projects or ones that are clearly the next step of an existing one. The entry presentations are where the students can get as creative as possible. These can be videos, interactive 3D computer models, art projects, and more.

The entries close on 24 May and the finalist will be announced on 31 May. Winners will be announced on 9 June 2019. Schools are advised to contact the coordinators before submitting their entries for further information. School Sustainability Awards is an initiative of Sustainable Schools Network Limited and Gecko Environment Council Assn Inc and is hosted as part of 2019 Sustainability Symposium and Gold Coast Green Week. Click here for more information.

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