Surf’s Up for local film maker | introducing Jack Brittliff

Surf’s Up is a modern skateboarding film, created right here on the Gold Coast by emerging film maker Jack Brittliff. All of its stars are from the Gold Coast and its creator tells us it’s anything but a clichéd skate movie.

“We want to do funny skits to show off all my friends’ personalities and everything,” Brittliff told Blank GC. He was recommended to us by another local skate fanatic, Glenn Walker who Jack says was just “really down for my video.”

Born in Newcastle but on the Gold Coast since the age of two, Brittliff did his schooling at Tallebudgera Primary and Elanora High and has only just turned 21. I asked how he became inspired to move into skate films and he said he just loves to film skateboarding.

“Probably more than I love to skate,” he laughs. “All my friends are really good skateboarders, so I thought ‘why not’.”

He says the skateboarding scene here is “really good” but admits he only has a small circle of friends – all of whom skate. “But that’s all I really want. That’s how I met all my friends.”

“I think the Gold Coast needs a lot more skating facilities,” he tells me, when I ask what needs to change for the scene to flourish. “We have a lot of parks but I mean, there’s no street spots – which is what this film is all about – skating in the street. Council don’t have a clue that we want to skate that stuff – so they don’t build street stuff.”

“I just think it’s cool to see people skating things that aren’t a skate park,” he said.

Brittliff is one of a growing number of Gold Coasters hoping to build a career around skating – in his case, skate films and he credits skating as helping to point him in the right direction. It’s not just skate films that Jack makes, either. He freelances for a bunch of companies and has produced videos for Universal Store amongst others.

The entirely self-funded film will be out by Christmas but “we’ve been filming for it for just under two years,” Jack said. “All my friends have their own part.”

“I just picked up a camera pretty much and just learnt it myself,” he said, when I asked how he learnt about film. “I got stoked on other people’s work and wanted to recreate that in my own way.”

Jack says the film, which is expected to run for around an hour, will be launched at a premiere night with DVDs available for people to buy and there’s no question that this is what Jack wants to do with his life. “I hope I can,” he says humbly.

“I never thought I’d be making a skating film that people cared about,” he said. 

You can check out Jack’s videos on Youtube and stay tuned to Blank GC for news of his film premiere.


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