Suicidal Tendencies + Crisis To Collapse + Wolfpack: Live review and gallery | Coolangatta Hotel | Wednesday 21 March 2018

You definitely can’t bring me down after the epic Suicidal Tendencies gig last night. Actually even the sticky floor at the Cooly Hotel couldn’t keep anyone’s feet down, with the crowd literally lifting during the searing set opening ‘You Can’t Bring Me Down’.

It was the best I’ve seen them, definitely still “cyco” after all these years and there is no pit quite like a Suicidals pit. It never let up, the chaos escalating even late in the show with the ‘split the pit’ encouragement of bassist Ra Diaz for ‘Cyco Vision’. This, of course, was after tearing through a wicked selection of tracks, from back in the ‘80’s with ‘Join The Army’ to 2016 with ‘Clap Like Ozzy’. With such a huge back catalogue there was something for everyone. Hardcore ‘War Inside My Head’ jumped to punk classic ‘Possessed To Skate’ and then a mini mellow moment as they rolled into ‘How Will I Laugh Tomorrow’. Stand out song ‘Institutionalized’ was notably missing, as was an encore even though the set list suggested it would happen. The band were tight, insanely energised and perhaps they had given everything they had, it certainly felt like it.

The madness and intensity was interspersed with musings from Mike, the master of grabbing the crowd, drawing them in and then unleashing them in a frenzy at will. A consummate showman swinging between Cyco Miko and inspirational speaker, at one point shouting ‘when things are shit I choose to be a victor not a victim’. Raise your fists in the air and agree, it’s probably this attitude that kept Suicidal Tendencies reforming over the years and coming back better each time.

All the evidence of an insane gig was there, one friend with an aching face from smiling and laughing, one ripped shirt, everyone buzzing and even the security guy smiling and watching the band rather than the punters. Simply epic and seriously, as long as your heart beats, pledge your allegiance… ST!

(Apologies to the support acts, our reviewer got held up)

REVIEW Erin Bourne. IMAGES (c) JD Punisher Photography

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