Li’l superheroes at the ready!

Got little ones at home climbing the walls already? Or maybe feeling worried about the changes they’re experiencing? Stay Home Superheroes project has gotchu.

What if we told you that you could educate them about the need to stay indoors, while also keeping them engaged in a ‘super’ fun game of dress up and acting? And that they could even be superstar superheroes featured in a global video project? Rock on, right?

Stay Home Superheroes is a collaborative project by UK writer and child therapist Sophie Marsh (fb/SophieStories1) and Artistic Director of Gold Coast-based ZigZag youth theatre, Errenn Ball.

Sophie’s short story ‘The Stay At Home Superheroes’ – which has gained worldwide attention since she posted it to her Facebook page less than a week ago – flips the narrative for children from feeling helpless and scared into feeling empowered to fight the coronavirus by staying at home. Its hero, William, is initially concerned by all the life changes he is forced to undergo but soon realises he has a superpower to fight the virus – the power to stay home.

Errenn reached out to Sophie with her idea to get children of the world further engaged with the story via a video project, where parents send in videos of their kids dressed up as superheroes, each saying a line from the story which will then be edited together. The idea has taken off like a rocket, says Errenn.

“People keep emailing every day and we currently have 110 children from across the world including Australia, England, Wales, Scotland, Texas, Canada, Italy, Brazil, Malawi and South Korea, with posts going out daily in different languages to try and attract more.”

The first round of lines has already been sent out, with the second to go out shortly. “We will see how interest goes as to whether I send out a third! I have given the first round two weeks to get their videos back to me and have got an extremely talented videographer on board to help me edit the movie together so that every person is in the finished product.”

With the world needing to connect now more than ever, this project is the perfect way to bring some kids of all nationalities together for a fun project that will show of their creative sides and maybe even alleviate some fears along the way. Winning!

To get involved, email ASAP.

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