Stashed and Stolen

If you surf, you’ve done it – stashed a cheeky key somewhere on your car before jumping out and getting your gills wet. But I’m here to warn you: BEWARE!

Filthy rotten thieves are getting more and more brazen these days, barely batting an eyelid while stealing your pride and joy. And I’m not even talking about car thieves. I’m talking about insurance companies…

With over a decade of loyalty to “Australia’s largest club”, I thought full comprehensive car insurance, along with expensive monthly premiums, was all I needed to drive, park and surf safely with peace of mind, knowing I’d be completely covered in all circumstances. But little did I know about that sneaky clause on page 42 of a 70 page rip-everybody-off insurance policy!

Now I’m not crying over a spilt puddle of sour milk, or blowing snot bubbles like a flailing two year old, I’m simply warning everybody who stashes a key that it really isn’t worth the risk.

Unless you drive an old rust-bucket and the groundswell’s ripping 4ft drainers, there’s no profit in having your “insured” car stolen, unless of course you’re the one doing the insuring.

After a lengthy battle I eventually came away with a win, thank God! But heed my warning – If you stash your key and your car gets stolen, you aren’t technically covered. Go check your policy with a fine-tooth wax-comb and discover how uninsured you really are.

According to my provider, you’re much better off dangling one of those key-safes like a rusty scrotum beneath your tow balls than getting caught with wet boardies wrapped around your ankles.

Oh, and my car never turned up either… Gooooone!

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