Single Review: Asha Jefferies | Coburg

Asha Jefferies, The reigning queen of folk (and whatever else she feels like adding into the mix), has just released another cracking song called ‘Coburg’. It’s a tell-all story of some time she spent in Melbourne in the winter of 2016 and some hardship she experienced while she was there. Now back in Brisbane, she’s turned her experience into an exceptional song that goes above and beyond her previous releases. Clean electric guitar plucked by Asha starts the song off until drums and her vocals come in to give the song bigger feel setting the scene with soaring ‘Ohs’ and ‘Ahs’. There are also some hints of other electric guitar throughout the song that, again, makes it feel a little fuller and adds some more texture to the song. It’s a big band production that is just subdued enough to let Asha’s vocals shine through, making it one of her most mature releases yet.

Asha’s vocals seem to get better with each song and ‘Coburg’ is no exception, dripping with emotion but also a fierceness that was dormant in her last few songs. It shows a different side to what we’ve heard from her before. We know she can be angsty from her first track ‘Kiss My Ass’, and we know she can transport us into a lullaby state with her track ‘Honey Save Me From My Falsehoods’ but this songs offers up a different side. It’s a little dangerous and a little alluring but ultimately it’s a song that demands attention, showing her fans and anyone else that will listen, that she’s here to stay.

You can catch Asha at The Northern in Byron Bay supporting the Pierce Brothers on 7 September or in Brisbane at the Wooly Mammoth on 8 of September. Like her on Facebook at @AshaJefferiesmusic to keep track of the release.

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