Silent Song Auction: A music industry game-changer

Gold Coast artist Lane Harry has developed a direct-to-consumer song sale app that is set to change the way artists make money from music.

Prolific Gold Coast rapper Lane Harry – aka Saint Lane – has always had this kind of non-stop vibe to him. Hopping from creative project to creative project as easily as he changes into his endless supply of colourful and distinctive outfits, this stylish local hip hop legend has never been far from our radar.

Although now, he’s on it for a reason other than his music.

Having finally released his spanking EP ‘Rainbow’s End’, following a lengthy chase of the masters, Lane is keen to move into more of the business side of the music business, but with an artist focus.

The music industry, generally speaking, is notoriously anti-artist, and streaming services have decimated what was once the main source of income for mid-level artists.

Enter Silent Song Auction.

This app, developed by Lane over the last year, enables artists with a decent following to put an unreleased song up for bid.

Why would someone bid for a song of their favourite artist, you ask? Simple. In what is a world first, the winner of the Silent Song Auction will receive the intellectual property rights to the unreleased song. As in, they will own it, completely, and can do whatever they want with it. The artist will no longer own the rights to the song.

It’s the ultimate collector’s brag, no? Imagine being the only person in the world to own an original, unreleased song by Tame Impala, for example.

Of course, your average punter may not have the dosh to drop on owning one song from an artist they love (although you may be surprised). But this also opens up opportunities for businesses, advertisers and the like seeking original music for commercial purposes, which could turn into some serious cash for the artist, and alleviates any quibbling over copyright and licencing for the buyer.

Silent Song Auction puts songs up for bid one at a time, and at the time of writing this, Saint Lane track ‘Vulgar’, with two days to go, had already accumulated bids of $2000. This app is no joke.

“The whole business of music is just so flawed,” says Lane. “It’s so anti-artist, I don’t want to operate in that environment anymore. And I’m happy for my songs to have a life outside of streaming.”

So are other artists, if the high-profile acts that have handed over their songs to Lane for auction are any indication (and no, we can’t reveal who they are just yet, but it’s super exciting). This really feels like the start of something big.

“I think if this business model works, artists will realise the leverage is theirs, and no label, radio station or playlist can tell them what music they need to make,” Lane states.

Bring it on. Hop on over to and follow @silentsongauction for updates.

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