Siala’s rising star to shine at Bleach*

Gold Coast performer Siala Robson has recently been announced as an exciting addition to Bleach* Festival’s November Block Party.

Newly 19 year-old Tweed rapper and vocalist Siala is a star on the rise. Following a stand out turn all the way to the grand finale on The Voice AU 2020, Siala has captured ears, hearts and minds across the country with a series of raw and heartfelt performances, and effortless underground urban / rap vibes.

Australia loves a good battler story too, and Siala’s family certainly have one, with the talented teenager escaping a violent domestic situation along with their mum and siblings, by moving into a women’s refuge on the very day that The Voice called to give the green light on an audition.

Had performing not been such a lifelong dream for Siala, they may have turned down the opportunity, leaving us bereft of their singular talents. Fortunately for all involved, Siala had been dreaming of getting on stage since early childhood.

“When I was little I used to pretend I was performing in my room – I would set up my teddies and spit Eminem and Biggie bars to them, it was pretty funny, just imagine if someone walked in!” Robson laughed.

“I wrote my first song when I was 12. It was pretty dark, hey. I sang it to my mum and she kind of just understood where I was coming from in life.”

And although that place contained a great deal of trauma and upheaval, music, to Siala, has been a constant companion throughout; a form of therapy and catharsis during the dark times. And now that fans are stopping Siala on the street on a daily basis, this uber-authentic performer is realising that their music is reaching others in the same way.

“It makes me feel good to know that people are following your journey and feel what you feel, and understand where you’re coming from,” Siala told us.

“Your whole vibe attracts your tribe, you know. If I had someone who wrote a song about how I felt I would feel less alone. It’s good to know that you’re helping some people.

Siala’s “whole vibe” is positive, charming and grateful as heck, so they must attract some good eggs. One such egg is fellow The Voice AU runner-up, Stellar. The two creatives supported each other enormously during the physically and emotionally gruelling filming schedule.

“I always turned to Stellar,” said Robson. “She was like my mum off the show! She messaged me today actually, we always talk. It’s really good.”

Boy George was another connection Siala made on the show, with the industry legend providing solid encouragement in his role as coach and mentor the entire way through. Robson recalls a particularly memorable piece of advice he shared.

“You know you can be emotional in songs, and I do let my anger and other heavy emotions out with my rapping, and Boy George really taught me not to let that implode within me, and let that stuff take over my heart. It’s so important – I want to teach other people that too, that you don’t have to implode, there are definitely ways to express yourself.”

Another stand-out piece of feedback came from Guy Sebastian and Delta Goodrem, following Siala’s performance of ‘Emotional Criminal’.

“When they looked at me and said they think I’m gonna be worldwide, and if I have a show they want to buy the tickets… It made me shiver. I could always see that vision, since I was younger, and to have people who were heavily involved in the music industry say that to me, it meant a lot.”

The entire process has also meant a lot to Siala’s family, who are tentatively looking forward to a brighter future.

“Things have changed so much since the show,” said Robson. “Just giving my family hope and being able to help support them.

And being able to have hope for myself and knowing that I’m really strong and I can do anything I put my mind to! Stepping out there proved a lot to myself.

And to the industry, it would seem, with Siala having already been snapped up for work around the country in a variety of campaigns, and recordings well underway. Not to mention heading up to our own Bleach* Festival in November, where Siala will play first support slot to headliner Jesswar at Block Party in Burleigh Heads.

“I’m so stoked, so excited to be playing at Block Party,” Siala gushed. “I haven’t met all the other acts yet, but I can’t wait to!”

Block Party will also see Siala play, in some cases for the first time, a few singles that haven’t been released yet. While Block Party is officially sold out already, crowds hanging out in Justins Park will still be able to hear the tunes from their vantage spots.

So head down to Bleach* at Burleigh on 15 November from 3pm to check out Siala alongside a deadly lineup of artists at the outdoor Block Party, and with fresh singles coming out over the next few months, be sure to follow @sialaofficial for musical updates.

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