Sheppard are hitting the Gold Coast airport runway for a livestreamed gig today

Brisbane band Sheppard will be performing a live five song set to be broadcast from the runway of the Gold Coast airport this afternoon.

Well known indie pop group Sheppard came up with a unique idea during a radio interview with Hot Tomato’s drive team Moyra, Mal & Baggs last week.

The plan was simple. With no flights coming in for the moment, Sheppard wanted to perform live from the Gold Coast Airport tarmac and have it all recorded and broadcast to an audience watching from home.

After the band’s confirmation, Gold Coast Airport Chief Operating Officer Marion Charlton jumped at the chance get involved. And this afternoon’s gig was born.

Other supporting contributors include Gold Coast business Dreamweavers, who will be helping to film and broadcast the performance using Facebook Live, and Gold Coast Helitours, offering their services and cameras that will be mounted to their helicopters in order to capture visuals for the broadcast.

The likeable group recently expressed to that they are “thrilled” to be doing the gig.

Live from the Gold Coast Airport, Sheppard will be performing on Friday 29 May at 4:30pm. Make sure to lend an ear to 102.9 Hot Tomato to listen to the show, or watch via Facebook Live here.

IMAGE (c) Simone Gorman-Clark

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