Sand Wars explored at Board Culture

Board Culture is not your run of the mill surf shop. With an impressive collection of collectible boards and the goal of becoming a ‘community’ surf centre, the folks there tend to do things a little differently.

And this weekend offers a case in point with a special screening of the award-winning documentary Sand Wars which will be presented by the Australian Coastal Society.

With a recent United Nations report telling us the world is running out of sand, this is one documentary you do not want to miss. Field by building and construction, sand mafias are effectively plundering our beaches and rivers for sand, which is a highly-prized commodity.

Sand, in fact, is the second most used resource next to water. It has quietly infiltrated every corner of our world. Melted and transformed into glass, it sits on every shelf. It is also the source of silicon dioxide, a mineral found in our wines, cleaning products and detergents, paper, dehydrated foods, toothpaste, cosmetics and an astounding variety of other products we use on a daily basis.

Yet,here in Australia, when we think of sand, we think of our long coastlines, which are now home to more than 86% of our population.

“The thought of sand running out doesn’t ring a bell against conversations about peak oil, floods or droughts. This is why Sand Wars is a must-see documentary for every coastal dweller as we must have peak sand conversations to future-proof Australia’s coast,” said Naomi Edwards from the Australian Coastal Society.

“While Sand Wars will open your eyes to the world of sand and the use of beaches, it will inspire you to connect with a local coastal organisation or even encourage you to start talking about sand.

For more information please visit: or call 0423 84 64 94

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Sand Wars screens at Board Culture, 2442 Gold Coast Highway
Saturday 28 February from 7.00pm


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