Salvadarlings | Beta Swan

The delightful single Positive Energy was thought to be unmatched as Brisbane / Gold Coast psych children Salvadarlings aimed to keep that trophy on their shelf. The hardest competition comes from yourself, so it wasn’t hard for Salvadarlings to release yet another infectious psych sandwich in the form of Beta Swan.

The charm and charisma is entirely diverted from front woman Ashley Goodall who still holds the vocal complexion of a Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane) or a Victoria Legrand (Beach House). The cutesy magnetism reinforces the entirety of the Salvadarlings package, though, with the instrumentation feeling as groove as ever. Experimenting now with synth bleeps and bloops, accustomed to a Flaming Lips jaunt, Salvadarlings now have a new syndicate to back pedal toward their future records. The swirling, riffing guitars still take precedence, yet the group can afford to dabble into customised electronic voyages.

Much like the progressive development of the two Tame Impala records, Salvadarlings are creating and briefly experimenting early on into their celestial venture. With a bright future ahead – and another EP set for early 2015 release – Salvadarlings can rest on their laurels now as we continue to bounce along to another joyous colour-soaked jam.

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