RÜFÜS in full bloom

Fresh off the back of their five ARIA 2016 nominations and several laps of the globe including headline festival appearances in Australia, RÜFÜS have announced a massive 13 date regional tour of Australia, The Full Bloom Tour.  The tour marks the one-year anniversary of their #1 gold accredited album Bloom, and will be the last chance for local audiences to see the band live before they take time off the touring circuit to start work on their next album.  Cam Alexander caught up with the band.

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Some of the places on your regional tour would have never seen a RÜFÜS live show before, are you taking the full stage show to all the towns? 

We have to tone it down a little, especially compared to the Hordern Pavilion, Festival Hall or Riverstage shows, but essentially it’s the same show. We’re taking lights, our crew, we might be travelling with a sound system we all believe in, the whole package. So the quality of show should be really great. Some of these places probably haven’t experienced a live electronic show.

The last time you were on the Gold Coast you were at Coolangatta Hotel. This time you’re at the Nightquarter, which has already played host to acts like Safia and Sticky Fingers. Are you excited about coming back? 

Yeah for sure! It’s pretty cold over here in the US – we’re missing the start of the Australian summer, so we’re excited to cover some ground across the east coast, especially back to the Gold Coast which always has some lovely weather. 

You can check out the entire Bloom album on YouTube. Interview continues below:

You’ve been touring non-stop since Bloom came out, any favourite places? 

That’s hard, some of the festivals we’ve played have been really special. Coachella was one of those. We had a really great set time, the tent was packed. We were up against Ice Cube on the Main Stage just after the N.W.A movie came out as well. But it was the best vibe, everything went right. But this bus tour we’re on now has been a big blur of awesome times too. 

Speaking of artists, your artwork for Bloom, which was nominated for an Aria is so cool, how did you guys meet Jack Vanzet? 

We’d been following him for a while and had been one of our favourite artists. It may have even been from his artist name, Thrupence, which is his music project he’s been doing. We saw him post all these different artworks that were all flowing paint artworks and we really wanted someone to do all of the artworks for this second record, from start to finish. 

What’s next in store for RÜFÜS? After a well deserved break of course… 

We’re touring through to the end of that regional run and then at the end of March/April I think we’re going to set up shop somewhere, maybe in LA. We kinda wanna move somewhere where we can get some new inspiration and some fresh ideas!

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RÜFÜS is at NightQuarter, Helensvale on 20 January.


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