Rooftops raise the roof for Inaugural Annual Dance Affair

Part theatre performance, part audience participation. That’s how organisers are describing the Inaugural Annual Dance Affair which will run four nights at Tugun as part of Bleach* Festival’s closing weekend.

The Dance Affair will go-go its way through a celebration of decades of dance as well as sharing unique and heart-warming stories from local dance legends.

Live band The Rooftops will literally lift the roof with infectious and feet-friendly grooves, playing originals, new compositions, dance classics and a series of stings reminiscent of talk-shows .

So, put on your dancing shoes, enjoy a live score of explosive horns, rocking drums and smooth vocals and don your best clobber ready to hit the dance floor.

We’re talking two-stp, tango, cha cha, waltz, swing step, funky soul train groove, hokey-pokey, southern GC style. No dance experience is necessary.

Commissioned by Bleach* and funded through the Regional Arts Development Fund, the performance is choreographed by Bec Reid (pictured).

Bec Reid, Choreographer

Bec Reid, Choreographer

t’s all about bringing back that sense of old school, night at the dance-hall vibe. And it happens for four nights only.

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The Inaugural Annual Dance Affair
Thursday 19 – Sunday 22 March
Tugun Progress Hall. Doors 7.00pm.
Tickets at





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