Robbie Daymond To Sail Into Supanova 2015

International actor Robbie Daymond is gracing the Gold Coast from April 17-19 at Supanova’s GC stopover. From working on Sailor Moon’s recent 2014 reboot to Transformers and the ultra-popular Square Enix series Final Fantasy, Daymond has a massive fanbase that are eagerly awaiting his appearance on the coast. I managed to catch Robbie Daymond one afternoon in California as he prepared for the long journey to the land down under.

2015 has been good to Robbie Daymond. He is featured as a lead character in two prime time Nickelodeon shows, Breadwinners and Get Blake, and the year also sees his continuation as Tuxedo Mask, the main male character in the phenomenal anime series Sailor Moon. These recent successes are what drives Daymond, and I was interested to find out whether the process of creating a character’s voice has changed for him since the start of his career.

“It’s a little different. I’d say 60% of it is a variation of my own voice, and it’s tough to do something close to how you sound, but still being a different character. I think it goes back to old school acting and you find the character’s motivation. When you get to do the bigger, zanier stuff like morning cartoons you get more freedom to make bigger choice. The great benefit we voice actors get over actors in front of the camera is that we can have a bit more freedom in what we do. There’s a difference between video games and TV shows, and they do differ game to game, depending on what style it is. There’s even a difference between anime and (Western) animation.”

It’s a major deal to be a lead character for any Nickelodeon show, let alone the prime time series, and Daymond boasts two main roles. Not only that, but holding the position of Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon is enviable, as his character was popular amongst the show’s fanbase, which puts Daymond in the unique position of being approached by fans of many different tv shows and video games. However, there is no one role that Daymond is recognized for more than the rest.

“It depends on where I go. If you’re under ten, you know me from breadwinners. There’s that, and I play a few bad guys on a Transformers show. If you’re a tween to an adult, odds are you’re stoked about Sailor Moon. Unlike Breadwinners, Sailor Moon has been around since the 90’s and has 20 years of history on it, so most people are excited about my role as Tuxedo Mask. I meet a lot of people my age or a little bit younger and my character was their first anime crush, so it’s a pretty silly and fun thing to be a part of.”

Since Sailor Moon’s debut in the 90’s, the entire series has sold over 35 million copies worldwide. The animation adaptation of the original manga (Japanese comic) series is considered to be one of the main reasons that Japanese animation has become popular in western entertainment.

“I jumped at the chance to audition when it came across my desk, and thankfully I got the part. I’ve been with the show for a while now, over 9 months. I think the idea was to give it a fresh, uncut, un-Americanised version. There are no changes to any character’s age, sex, relationship, and it’s more natural. When it initially came to America it was cartoonized and they didn’t want that. I only listened to one clip of the original Canadian dub, just to see what they did with it, but then I totally ran away from it and did my own thing, which I guess worked!”

I was curious whether Daymond had another series he would love to work on, given the chance. His response was surprising, and Marvel fans, take note.

“I wish I could tell you, because I’m actually in it right now. I’m super excited about it. It’s my third anime series now, and I can’t tell you what it is yet since it hasn’t been released. It’s a Marvel anime, and I’ll leave it at that. It’s possible that it might be announced before Supanova, and I’d love to announce it at the ‘con if I’m allowed.”

With that, the anticipation will no doubt set in for Marvel fans worldwide as they eagerly await more news of the upcoming tv series.

In addition to the seemingly endless list of characters Daymond has portrayed, he has a massive list of talents that are outlined on his website. He can rock climb, shoot, ride a horse, play an extensive amount of sports and so much more. Surfing wasn’t on the list, and so I wondered whether he would have a go while he is on the Gold Coast.

“That comes from growing up in the country (laughs). It was the American outback, and there weren’t a lot of kids to play with, so you learn to ride a horse, shoot and play sports. I also spent 7 years in theatre school, and they go out of their way to teach you a lot of weird things, but thankfully I’ve had the chance to use some of them.”

“I have three of them hanging in my living room that I haven’t ridden in three years! I feel like I’ve gotta try, it’s been a while though (laughs). I’ve got to right? It’s what you guys are known for. I bet I’ll get rolled though (laughs). I hope there’s a kiddy pool version though.”

With that, our conversation comes to a close. Robbie Daymond will no doubt be the name on every comic and anime fan’s lips for years to come, and you can meet him in under a month at Supanova from April 17-19, at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. Tickets are available on the door, and via moshtix.

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